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Let Solange's Artful Meditation in Motion Move You

Solange has many artistic works.

Solange performing at Coachella, 2014, via Wiki Commons

Solange Knowles' new art installation is all about the “om."


The singer-songwriter describes Metatronia, her new art housed at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, as “an interdisciplinary performance piece and reflection featuring dance and sculpture.” She adds that the piece’s name—Metatronia—has meaning, too.

In Solange's artist statement, she explains that the term "metatronia" also is a form of vibrational sound healing therapy. The therapy can help a person map their creativity, and make space for their mind to create work.

Sarah Speaks, wellness expert and yoga and meditation teacher, says she appreciates Solange’s use of sacred geometry shapes and the human form in Metatronia.

“To me, this suggests the cessation of separation; it is a visual and visceral reminder that everything is connected,” says Speaks.

“As an intuitive guide, I especially love the intuitive element inherent in this piece. It relates to creating from the heart without hesitation. Allowing your creative genius to flow and move through you. You are the muse, and the inspiration comes from your soul.”

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The piece features California State University dancers dressed mostly in white. In the installation's video, the dancers move to music that's similar “to the audio you’d likely hear in a sound bath meditation session,” reports Mind Body Green.

Art and meditation

Solange's art demonstrates the relationship between art and meditation.

“Art changes our consciousness,” explains Speaks.

And art also can help humans access their true selves. “[Art’s] sense of quietness may be achieved as we tune into who we really are and quiet the inner critic and voice of the ego," she adds.

Meditative movement

Speaks also thinks Solange’s art—which is essentially meditative art in motion—can help influence people who “can’t sit still” to meditate.

“Qi gong, yoga, Tai Chi, hiking, running—these can all be classified as meditation in motion,” says Speaks. “I encourage my students to find a type of meditation practice that they can stick with long-term.”

“Dancing is another great meditation practice, spontaneously and organically moving the body without aiming judgment at oneself or how one looks,” adds Speaks, “but instead just feeling the music, letting the music move you.”

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