The Winter Healthy Hair Secret You May Be Missing

The Healthy Hair Secret You May Be Missing

When winter hits we go running to the heavier creams and face oils. But what about our hair? Do we slather it in oils and creams too? You may be missing the most important secret to healthy hair.

Does it seem the more moisturizing conditioners and heavy flyaway reducers you put on your hair, the more limp and lackluster it gets? We are looking for bouncy, shiny, hair. Not glued to our head, lifeless locks.

When dealing with dry or damaged hair it is most productive to go straight to the roots. In this case, what’s good for the skin is good for the scalp. Regular use of scalp oils and tonics not only produce that healthy, smooth hair you are after, but improve elasticity, add body, enhance curl, and can even be used as a beard oil. Bonus all the way around!

What do we do to keep skin happy and looking its best? Cleanse and moisturize with healthy ingredients. Taking these same steps on scalp gets you gorgeously healthy hair.

When washing hair, how often do you do a quick scrub and rinse of strands, and forget your scalp? By focusing on the scalp when washing your hair, it gets a good exfoliation and actually helps hair to grow.

As Vickie Vidov, NYC hairstylist to the stars puts it, “Each pore has up to 3 hair follicles, some that may be hiding because of product or build-up. Once you clear the pores in the scalp, it allows the follicles to breathe and grow stronger, creating more thickness.” Makes a pretty good case for scalp cleansing, eh?

Synthetic-free shampoos and conditioners are the healthiest way to go. Two safe brands to try are Rahua and Yarok.

If all of those oils you’ve been slathering on strands seem to do nothing, it’s time to get to the root of the problem. Applying healthy oils to the scalp results in soft, moisturized locks that aren’t weighted down. Give your scalp a sweet little massage while you are at it to stimulate blood flow and promote hair growth.

Healthy Hair Scalp Oils and Tonics to Try

Perfect for oily scalps, Balanced Guru Organic Oil Control Scalp Treatment is a blend of essential oils designed to regulate sebum.

Fig + Yarrow Hair + Scalp Tonic conditions while stimulating hair growth. May also be used on cuticles, beards, and post-shave.

Winter Healthy Hair Secret Bottega Organica Hair Mists

Bottega Organica Hair Mists for Dark Hair and Light Hair makes for fabulous shine. Smells great too!

Another tip Vidov gives her clients, don’t force your hair to eat “junk food.” We already know this, which is why we recommend hair care made from natural and organic ingredients and no synthetic junk. Healthy you, healthy hair.

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