Veggies, Roll Out!


Access to fruits and vegetables can be hard to come by. In cities across the United States many large supermarkets are LEAVING town.

In New York City millions of New Yorkers can no longer find fresh and affordable foods within walking distance of their homes. Via The New York Times:

The supermarket closings — not confined to poor neighborhoods — result from rising rents and slim profit margins, among other causes. They have forced residents to take buses or cabs to the closest supermarkets in some areas. Those with cars can drive, but the price of gasoline is making some think twice about that option.

The lack of fresh food is giving way to drugs stores selling processed foods and soda. Not exactly HELPING America’s health crises!

From the Organic Authority Files

So, enter the Veggie Mobile. Serving New York’s Capital Region, the Veggie Mobile sells wholesale produce to low-income communities and senior living communities.

Here’s the cool part. The truck itself is the store! Take a look:


And the prices are TERRIFIC! From the Associated Press:

When compared to New York Supermarket--a small grocery in the poor Arbor Hill neighborhood of Albany--the Veggie Mobile offered dramatic savings, more selection and fresher options. Bananas sold for $0.99 a pound at the supermarket, but went for $0.59 a pound from the Veggie Mobile. Iceberg lettuce was $1 each at the mobile grocery, and $1.99 at the New York Supermarket. Cucumbers sold for $0.89 each at the neighborhood market, but were 3 for $1 from the Veggie Mobile.

Such a GREAT idea! You can only hope the Veggie Mobile branches out to other communities in need.

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