Why are Korean Beauty Products So Hot? It’s All About the Masks

Why are Korean Beauty Products So Hot? It’s All About the Masks

Korean beauty is as hot to the beauty scene as kale is to the foodie scene. But what exactly are Korean beauty products and why are they such a big deal?

Before you jump in full throttle, find out why people are so impressed with the ritual and how you can do it at home.

If you’ve yet to try out Kb, or have no idea what it is, follow this step-by-step. Since it is quite the rage these days, you are probably wondering less what the Korean beauty ritual is, and more why it is such a big deal.

You know those coveted BB creams? Yep, they hail from Korea. And with that kind of success, of course, we are all game to try the Korean beauty ritual.

Korean beauty is like any other beauty routine. Yes, there may be a few more steps, but it adds up to cleanse, tone, treat, and moisturize. It is how the treatment phase is done that makes it so special.

With Korean beauty ritual, it’s all about the mask. Less is usually more where beauty treatments are concerned, especially with acne treatments, peels, and scrubs. But with Kb, masking is done daily.

Masks can be sloughing or peeling, yes. They can also soothe, hydrate, support, and detox the skin. Here’s another cool thing about masks. You can combine different masks and create your own personal mask cocktail or apply a variety of masks to different areas of the face. Apothecary style beauty at its best.

This multi-masking that makes up a big part of the Korean beauty ritual is less about treating, more about supporting. Makes sense. You know how we Westerners are all about the fix? Do what you want now, fix it when it catches up with you. Eastern philosophy is more tuned into prevention and sustained wellness. Not surprising that this carries over to beauty too.

Rather than waiting for a zit to crop up or your skin to get all irritated or bumpy, some regular mask action will stop these issues before they occur. The beauty of it is, you can tailor your ritual to suit your skin’s current needs and take a preemptive approach.

Let’s say your skin looks pretty good today. But we are neck deep in holiday socializing, treat partaking, and stress shopping. Combining masks with a little extra hydration and maybe some detox benefits should help to stave off (or at least lessen) the parched, zitty skin you end up with by January 2nd.

Or let’s say you have a massive breakout on your forehead, but your dry cheeks don’t need any more acne meds. Apply a mask with pimple banishing ingredients to forehead, and give your cheeks a healthy dose of something moisturizing and calming. This is not one size fits all.

Aside from mask-palooza, what’s the other hot thing about Kb? It is a ritual. As in, you do this every single day in order to see the benefits. No rushing through a splash of water and layer of moisturizer at bedtime. Or worse, sleeping in a face full of makeup. If you want to hop on the Korean beauty train, you must commit to a daily practice. Sorta like yoga for the skin.

Okay, so you’ve decided this ritual is for you. Or at least worth a shot. Which products should you use that are also free from harmful ingredients? While I have yet to find a Kb line that is completely toxin-free, there are several natural products that work well here. Here’s a list of all natural beauty masks that are Korean beauty worthy.

Aster & Bay Green Glow Mask is a mix of sea greens, matcha tea, and clay to draw out impurities. Mix with water, or try milk (exfoliating), yogurt (hydrating) or honey (softening) to suit skin’s needs.

Yuli Pure Treatment Mask is ideal for congested skin. Fruit enzymes clear pores, mung bean heals, and cucumber calms.

Invigorating yet gentle enough for sensitive skin types, Kahina Giving Beauty Antioxidant Mask repairs and tones skin with a bright eucalyptus scent.

Restore suppleness to skin with La Bella Figura Beauty Healing Manuka Mask. Made with Manuka honey and lush jasmine.

Draw out impurities with activated coconut charcoal in Cocovit Coconut Charcoal Face Mask. Also contains Indian ginseng to stimulate collagen and turmeric for a healthy glow.

When putting together your own Korean beauty ritual, keeping the focus on healthy products that are right for your skin, rather than anything simply labeled “Korean beauty” will help to product results. And remember, the masks are where it’s at.

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