Best Natural Face Masks for Every Skin Issue

Best Natural Face Masks for Every Skin Issue

Aren’t facial masks just for acne? No way! If you aren’t using this beauty treatment regularly, you are missing out on the amazing skin benefits of natural face masks.

Facial masks come it a wide variety for every skin type and issue. Yes, face masks are great for treating acne. But did you know they can also treat dryness, signs of aging, and even sensitivity?

Different types of masks made with powerful natural ingredients deliver spa-worthy benefits to skin. Added upshot? This treatment can be done at home. Whether you whip up your own DIY face mask or purchase one made by the pros, you won’t want to miss out on this important skincare product.

The key to making the most from a mask is choosing the right type for the skin issues you are looking to treat, and knowing how to use it properly. Sure, you can always go the slather on and rinse method. But there are tricks to getting the maximum value from these skin healthy products.

These super effective natural face masks work for every skin type and issue. Plus, we’ve included handy tips on how to get the most benefits from each.

For Acne Prone Skin: Many conventional masks for acne are designed to dry skin out. Forget that and think balance. Masks made with antibacterial and impurity absorbing ingredients that don’t zap skin of vital moisture will do this skin type most good. Acne is inflammation, so a product with natural anti-inflammatories will also help. Try Yuli Pure Treatment Mask, a concentrated powder rich in detoxifying clay, exfoliating fruit enzymes, and anti-inflammatories. A healthy dose of willow bark helps to keep zits at bay. To make even more effective, mix with toner instead of water. Powder clay masks are active when wet, so mist with water or toner while on skin to avoid letting the mask dry out.

For Sensitive Skin: Avoiding masks due to irritated skin? Soothing products can actually calm sensitivity and conditions like rosacea. May Lindstrom Skin The Honey Mud steeps skin in the soothing and softening advantages of honey. Calming essential oils tone down redness and inflammation, bringing back happy skin. For sensitive skin, start by applying the mask and rinsing off after a minute or two. Mask can be left on longer next time if skin reacts favorably.

For Dry Skin: Whether stripped of moisture due to dry climate, too much sun, stress, poor diet…this skin type needs an instant infusion of healthy hydration. Slather on a generous layer of Amala Hydrating Yogurt Mask to rejuvenate, plump, and smooth dry skin. As gentle and hydrating as a rich moisturizer, this mask uses pure plant oils and Shea Butter for ultra supple skin. May also be used as a moisturizer, under serum or on its own.

For Mature Skin: Fine lines and wrinkles can be lessened with natural antioxidant ingredients. La Bella Figura Bio Active Healing Mask delivers with free radical fighting aronia berry and vitamin C. Turmeric imparts a youthful glow. Use once weekly for best results.

For Dull Skin: Nothing revitalizes the complexion and gives an insta-fix to sallow skin like fruit enzymes. Forget scrubbing and reach for a glow inducing mask, like Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. This mask utilizes pomegranate enzymes to exfoliate and retexture skin gently, resulting in even tone and smooth appearance. Use when complexion needs a boost. A must before big events.

A warm, moist towel applied over a mask not only feels good, but helps ingredients soak into skin and do their job. A tip that goes for any type of natural face mask: only leave on as long as feels good for your skin. The instructions may say to allow mask to sit on skin for 15-20 minutes, but if you’ve had enough after 5, rinse the mask off. And if you ever feel burning or stinging, rinse off immediately.

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