Why the Oil Cleansing Method is a Big Deal for Your Skin

Oil Cleansing Method for Dry Winter Skin

It’s dry skin season. So you’ve enlisted a more hydrating moisturizer, a skin oil, maybe even a balm, yet still experiencing dryness, redness or irritation? May be time to try the oil cleansing method.

Cleanser is possibly the most taken for granted product in the beauty kit. It just cleans the skin, right? Nope. The right cleanser does way more than wash away dirt and makeup. It balances oil production and provides added moisture. And nothing does that better than the oil cleansing method. Have you tried it?

Was that a resounding “No way!”? Many women cringe at the idea of applying oil to their skin, let alone cleansing with the stuff. If you are at all interested in the best behaved wintertime skin of your life, keep reading.

The oil cleansing method is seeing a spike in popularity because of the glorious effects it has on skin. But it’s not all good looks. There is some science behind the method.

Over cleansing, by using the wrong type of cleanser or cleansing too often, can strip the skin of natural oils. Dry, cold weather makes it difficult for skin to bounce back from this sapping and no amount of moisturizer will recoup the damage. Oil cleansing not only offers relief to dry skin but plumps and tones. It also helps to even tone and makes skin incredibly smooth.

How does oil cleansing work? Oils bind to dirt and impurities on skin better than a water-based product. Skin is cleansed and pores are cleared without depleting natural oils. Oils are also great for gently removing makeup. Win, win.

Choosing an oil cleanser made with healthy natural oils also provides skin with antioxidants which prevent premature aging, vitamins to protect skin, and complexion balancing properties. Steer clear of oil cleansers that contain synthetic ingredients as they can clog pores and are bad for your health.

To cleanse with oil: Begin by warming a small amount of oil cleanser in palms. Massage gently into skin. Remove oil with warm water. Apply your favorite moisturizer/facial oil post cleanse. Ta-da! Easy and your skin will thank you.

We’ve been talking dry skin, here. But oil cleansing can be beneficial to all skin types. If you are on the oilier side, try using a non-drying toner after cleansing to remove excess oil without causing flakiness. Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence is a great choice.

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Gressa Balancing Cleanser

Credit: Image by Sheri Giblin.

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