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5 Foods to Avoid If You Have Sensitive Skin

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Sensitive skin is quite common but often hard to navigate, especially when you are first trying to understand what triggers an outbreak of conditions including acne, rashes, itching, and redness. While everyone’s skin has its own road map and reacts to certain foods differently, there are a few foods that are more likely to invoke discomfort than others.

If you have sensitive skin, avoid the following 5 foods and you will likely feel and see a big difference in your complexion:

1. Gluten

Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley and rye. It affects sensitive people by destroying their intestinal villi. This causes a slew of symptoms, including itchy skin and rashes. Gluten intolerance gives rise to a variety of dermatological manifestations.

2. Dairy

The proteins in milk, whey and casein, can incite allergic reactions. Casein and whey are very difficult for all body’s to digest, especially about the dairy product has been pasteurized and treated with preservatives, hormones and other chemicals. The result is an unfit food for the human body, but many of us consume dairy anyway. Meanwhile, dairy products are also linked to acne.

3. Egg Whites

When you consume egg whites, the body may view them as foreign invaders and respond with histamine, an inflammatory chemical that the body releases in the case of an allergic reaction, and which can almost immediately cause a breakout in rashes and hives.

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4. Wine

Do you ever drink wine and then notice a rash or flushed skin afterwards? It’s hard to accept, but some of us just may have a wine allergy. It’s more common than you think. In a study conducted in Germany, nearly 25 percent of participants reported allergy-like symptoms after drinking wine. Wine contains alcohol, which is a stimulant and can cause an allergic reaction in people sensitive to alcohol. The sulphites used in wine are meant to preserve the drink. However, exposure to sulphites has been reported to induce a host of adverse reactions, including dermatitis.

5. Soy

Soy protein allergies are very common, even though soy is popularly regarded as healthy. It is considered, however, one of the top eight allergens that causes immediate (or delayed) reactions, including hives. The food industry has taken the soybean and processed it, adding flavoring, preservatives, sweeteners, emulsifiers and synthetic nutrients, turning the soy protein isolate into something fake and potentially harmful.

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