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7 Ways to a Marvelous Morning Routine with Less Stress

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OK, OK! *smack* (alarm clock falls off the night stand). Are these the sounds someone walking by your bedroom door at 6 a.m. might hear? Mornings don’t have to be that painful. Sure, you may never be a “morning person,” but who is? Learning how to maneuver mornings is a skill rather than a natural trait. And once you learn how to navigate the murky, muddled waters of early rising, your ability to deal with the day’s tasks in a calm manner will improve – significantly.

What to do once you open your eyes

That alarm: Change the screech to a calm tone. Nature sounds, chimes, and bells will lull your body out of sleep rather than jolt you awake. Also: set the alarm a tad early. I know, I know! You need as much sleep as you can get, but allowing yourself plenty of time to get ready in the morning is important – and produces less stress.

Open the windows: Open the blinds and salute the day. Sunlight will rouse your senses and help bleary eyes clear.

Hydrate!: Grab a glass of water and chug. Those much-needed eight hours of shut-eye you just got have left your body depleted of water.

After you’ve stirred your senses

Exercise: If you’d rather not go for a high-intensity workout first thing in the morning, no biggie. Commit to 15 minutes of low-intensity walking and stretching. If you love working (like, really working) out in the morning, awesome! Pounding the pavement or taking an early a.m. yoga class are great ways to start the day.

Fuel up: Make breakfast, such as homemade granola, over the weekend. Pour diced, fresh fruit into a bowl and grab a cup of yogurt, then brew some organic coffee. Prefer savory food to sweet? Give one of these protein packed breakfast recipes a try.

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Before you go to work

Meditate: Whether you meditate when you wake-up or after you are showered, powdered, and prepped, doesn't matter. Just make certain you take time (5-30 minutes) to get your mind and body centered, and that you are 100 percent present before you leave your home. 

State the day’s goal: Try to remain flexible throughout the day and take things as they come. Don’t stress over small stuff and repeat your “goal” of the day when things start to go wonky.


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