Detox Du Jour: Activated Charcoal Meets Juice


Green juice has long been the emblem of detox health trends– so what next? The new detox du jour could very well be activated charcoal, which is now being served in juices of all places. Activated charcoal bears a host of benefits for the body but shouldn’t be ingested without caution. Here’s what you need to know about the black substance and if you should incorporate it into your diet.

Activated charcoal is derived from coconut shells, wood, or peat and is a negatively charged carbon. It is “activated” by undergoing heat, creating a porous façade that acts as a magnet for positively-charged toxins (acidic gunk) that are tapered along your digestive tract. The pores soak up toxins like a sponge, so the charcoal can efficiently shepherd wastes out of the body.

Now ascending to celebrity status among detox superfoods, activated charcoal can be an accompaniment to a healthy lifestyle. If you are feeling sluggish, loaded with mucous, sick or overall bloated, activated charcoal makes for a great lifesaver.

Many companies are taking notes and have begun to add activated charcoal to their juices, making for a black confection that is anything but hard to swallow. Juice Generation is equipped with three “activated” flavors, including Activated Lemonade, Activated Greens and Activated Protein. Juice Served Here serves up a Charcoal Lemonade that also contains montmorillonite clay.

The good news is you can’t overdose on the stuff, so don’t be scared by its ominous black color – it’s not poison. In fact, it may be the most effective treatment against poisoning. So, do attempt to make your own activated charcoal juice at home! However, please stick to the recommended 500 milligrams.

The downside to activated charcoal is that many experts claim it cannot distinguish between toxins and nutrients. So while it may be effective in flushing out toxins, it could also be leaching essential nutrients too. Err on the safe side, and only resort to an activated charcoal juice (or supplement) when you feel that you absolutely need a detox boost. Do not ingest the substance everyday. That way you can benefit from activated charcoal as well as avoid any unwelcome side effects.

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