Dive into Inkarri’s Ancient Wisdom for an Inspired Modern Life

Why we need ancient wisdom

What does ancient wisdom have to do with 2016? Everything, according to Juan Ruiz Naupari founder of the Inkarri Cultural Association whose goal is to lead us toward “profound personal transformation” through holistic education and support of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and the Q’ero Nation in Peru.

We caught up with Juan Ruiz Naupari, the founder of Inkarri, for a chat about how we can lean on ancient wisdom for an inspired life in our modern world. He explains how when we are in tune with ancient wisdom and the universal spiritual principals of Love, Forgiveness, Light, and Pity, it can save us a lot of modern day headaches. After all, Mother (Nature) knows best.

Inkarri's Juan Ruiz Naupari

Organic Authority: How do you define ancient wisdom? And why is it so necessary to bring it forward with us as we modernize?

Juan Ruiz Naupari: Ancient wisdom was obtained through observation to gain knowledge of oneself and the universe. It is necessary to understand the laws of the Mother Earth in order to live in harmony with her and each other. If we lived in this way today we could have avoided the ecocide, however it is still possible to save Mother Nature. What we lack now is a way of life that’s not about past or future. We need to recuperate this presence through meditation in action and in contemplation, to know ourselves and in this way, to know nature.

OA: What do you feel are the most important ancient teachings of Inkarri? How best can we implement them into our daily lives? What will we see if we do?

JRN: The most important thing to remember is that there are universal spiritual principals inherent to human nature such as Love, Forgiveness, Light, and Pity. To love is to recognize our celestial connection. Forgiveness is the comprehension of the roots of our errors within ourselves and in others; a process that has to do with consciousness, the celestial connection and awakening. Light is to become conscious of the divine gene that lives in our heart and allow it to flourish, illuminating our interior and our exterior from actions, thoughts and feelings coming from this origin. Pity is the quality that allows us to see both God and the ego in different areas of life. When it is about God instead of ego, it inspires reverence. All of these can be integrated by meditating on, cultivating and practicing these principals. If we do this, we will see a new culture, a new humanity.

OA: What ancient teachings do you feel we have forgotten as a society that we would benefit from getting back in touch with?

JRN: These principals I have spoken about, Love, Forgiveness, Light and Pity, have been forgotten which has generated a lack of love, revenge, darkness and pitilessness.

OA: How can we best overcome our excuses of “I don’t have time” or “I’m too busy” to get back in touch with ancient teachings? And what will happen if we do?

JRN: When you realize life is very short and your inner state – your thoughts and emotions- are deteriorating gradually, you lose your human sensitivity as well towards nature. If we overcome our excuses, we will recuperate our original human nature, which is sensitive, happy and gentle.

How often do we consciously think about our inner state and tend to it? Personally, I tend to the condition of my outer social media world much more than my inner state. But this year, I’m going to flip it. To create an inspired 2016, I’ll turn off the social media (if even just for ten minutes) to connect and update my inner state of Love, Forgiveness, Light, and Pity.

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Image of Buddha and Sunlight via Shutterstock and Juan Ruiz Naupari from Inkarri.us