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Farm to (Massage) Table


We’ve done farm-to-table, rooftop-farm-to-table, and now the latest trend is farm-to-massage-table. For centuries, DIYers have been using farm-fresh ingredients like avocados, oatmeal, yogurt, cucumber, honey and more for at-home body treatments and facials. Now spas are getting in on the action by using super local (like grown on site, local) and organic fruits and veggies in their spa treatments, products and food.

SpaFinder just reported a surge in “hyper-local” spas where many facilities are growing fruits, veggies and herbs on site. They are building relationships with farmers, chefs and local artisans to keep their treatments fresh, not only in ingredients but in services as well. The term hyper-local also extends into the community, philanthropic products, building materials, the staff and sometimes the guests. It’s not unusual to see guests gardening, farming or gathering ingredients for their spa lunch. Some of the top spas going local are:

The Farmhouse Inn & Spa (California, U.S.): As a pioneer in the movement, this spa first coined the term “farm-to-spa.” Their treatments include grapes from their vineyard, oranges directly from their orange trees, local honey and apples. Try one of their orchard recipes like Quince and Apple Gel Mask, Sour Cherry and Honey Mash, Peach Mask, or the Orange Scalp Oil and Hair Treatment.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Hay Barn Spa (Cotswolds, UK): This day spa has a 20-acre farm producing everything (fruits, herbs, milk) that graces both dining room tables and their branded spa products. The floors are made from local trees, while their sheep’s wool insulates the walls. All their spa ingredients are sourced from their spa and are free of GMOs, parabens, SLS and mineral oils. Some favorite items used during services are thyme, rose, geranium, chamomile and jasmine.

Blancaneaux Lodge (Belize, Central America): This is as close to paradise as you’ll get. Francis Ford Coppola’s spa/lodge relies on organic gardens and natural hot springs to pamper guests. Try the Papaya Body Polish, Oriental Herbal Pack or the Stress Recovery with herbal teas and honey. The spa is also built from local materials by area craftsmen. PS: They also contribute to helping the jaguars and Mayan forests.

Masseria Torre Coccaro (Puglia, Italy): Set in a 500-year-old farmhouse compound, this spa uses herbs, fruits and olives grown on site. Also popping up in treatments are moss, yucca, aloe vera, camomill, lime and essential oils. The spa was built from all local materials, carved out of a stone cave, and all the food comes directly from the gardens, orchards and farm.

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Image: Grand Velas Resort

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