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Organic Whey: Not Just A Protein Food, but a Super Antioxidant Too

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When my naturopath suggested I start taking organic wheyto boost my glutathione levels while on a heavy metal detox cleanse, I thought, “glutathione levels, what’s that? And isn’t whey the stuff of bodybuilders and protein fiends?” That hardly seemed right. But as it turns out, high quality whey contains what some have dubbed, the “super" or "master" antioxidant.

So I had to investigate this mystery “super” antioxidant. I discovered that glutathione might be the most important antioxidant to the human body! And whey is one of the best ways (no pun intended!) to boost your glutathione levels.

But, buyer beware: not all wheys are created equal. Do your due diligence, because many products are full of fillers, sweeteners, chemicals and yes--even heavy metals. I found one that is not, The Organic Whey. It is pure and made with only one ingredient: certified organic whey.

The Organic Whey brand's product comes from the Organic Valley Co-op Farms, where cows are carefully pastured and fed a diet rich in nutritional grasses, legumes and variable plant species – the diet cows were born to eat. This natural lifestyle keeps the cows and soil healthy, and they're never given growth hormones or antibiotics (which may be carcinogenic and linked to early onset of puberty in preteen girls). This care creates a superior product that’s healthier for us, especially because there are no yucky steroids, drugs, or residues from pesticides or herbicides.

The Organic Whey company uses an all-natural sweet processing method with enzymes to process and preserve delicate and vital nutrients. Conversely, many conventional manufacturers process their whey with harsh acids that destroy the health benefits and leave behind a bitter tasting product (hence, the need for additives and sugars to fix the flavor).

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From the Organic Authority Files

This non-denatured whey protein delivers the proper ratio of cysteine and cystine (which are necessary precursors molecules, or think of them as nutrients) that allow the body to manufacture and boost its glutathione levels. This is critical because conventional whey products that contain dozens of synthetic ingredients may block the body's ability to make glutathione. In fact, studies show that organic whey proteins consistently raised glutathione levels beyond other proteins like soy. Plus, the body doesn't synthesize glutathione well when it comes in an isolated supplement. In other words, your best bet is to get it from nutrients found in high quality food, like organic whey. Other food sources include, raw milk, meat, eggs, and fresh fruits and vegetables (but once cooked, their glutathione levels are drastically reduced).

Glutathione levels can actually be a predictor of longevity. It has the potential to fight most diseases and slow the aging process (since free radical damage is the source of many diseases and aging). It helps to regulate and boost other key antioxidants too like vitamin C and E. And, considered the most important antioxidant for overall health, glutathione boosts immunity and fights infections. It has also been called the most valuable detoxifying agent in the human bodyundefined, which is why my naturopath recommended I add whey to my diet. It helps the liver cleanse heavy metals, chemicals, drugs and pollutants. It’s even demonstrated a strong ability to fight cancer in a number of studies.[ii]

Watch my video for how to make a delicious blueberry banana smoothie recipe making tips with organic whey and feel free to tweak it to make your own delicious super-glutathione smoothie. Enjoy and stay healthy!

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