3 Good Habits to Renew Your Love of Life (Even When Things are Tough)

Promote good habits to renew your love of life.

Focusing on improving your morning routine, developing strategies for staying calm, and cultivating mental toughness are all good habits worthy of your focus.

Another fabulously good habit to cultivate is renewing your love of life. Sometimes the responsibilities of life can be overwhelming. Paying the bills, fighting to get the kids dressed in the morning, the commute, a challenging job, sickness, and relationship troubles can all suck the joy out of life. It may seem like an effort, but it’s important to work on getting that love of life you had back before adult responsibilities came into the mix. It probably came much more naturally as a kid, but that doesn’t make it any less of a priority.

Here are some quick strategies to get you started on that journey.

3 Good Habits to Renew Your Love of Life

  1. Travel – Travel can a beautiful way to snap you back into the moment, which is an essential component in renewing your love of life. And while “Eat, Pray, Love” travel may not be in the cards for all of us, we can commit to changing our point of view at least once a year (or more)! Take a weekend at the beach, a week in a cabin in the woods, or a couple of weeks in a foreign country. It’s all good. Travel can be the great cleanser, breaking you out of the daily grind and helping you to focus on the bountiful aspects of life.
  2. Document – Another key trick in renewing joy is to document your life. From low-tech options like keeping a journal, taking photos, and sketching to higher tech solutions like podcasting and blogging, documenting your life can really help you focus on all the blessings your life includes. Documenting can help you process the good–and the bad–and act as a scrapbook to help you concentrate on the milestones, the travel, and the lessons of your life.
  3. Commit to Trying New Things – It’s easy to get into a rut. The day-to-day routine can really be a drag. That’s why it’s key to try new things. From learning French and volunteering at the local animal shelter to bigger things like going back to school or running for local office, trying out new stuff is necessary for growth as a human being. It’s always a great way to avoid getting stuck in that rut and for bringing more joy into your life. Saying yes to new things is one of the key ways to renew your love of life–and the love for yourself. Give it a try!

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