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8 Things to Do on a Rainy Day

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Rainy weather brings much needed nourishment to the earth and her people, and each drop delivers a life-giving force that refreshes and renews. But sometimes the gray skies of a wet day can dampen your spirits as well, leaving you bored, sad or even depressed. Sunlight delivers vitamin D, a crucial nutrient that humans need, and without it you might turn to less-healthy dopamine enhancers such as alcohol, nicotine or espresso (just ask Seattle).

If the drip-drip-drip has you down in the dumps, try one or more of the following ideas to lift your spirits to soar with the silver lining.

1. Write a letter to your father, grandmother, a long-lost friend or just someone that needs to know how much you love and appreciate them and the difference that they have made in your life. Write a real letter, on paper, in ink. Mail it.

2. Sleep to dream. Take a nap with the express purpose of dreaming. Put a notepad and pen (or digital voice recorder) by your bed, and as soon as you wake up, try to capture the images that swim in your head. Thanks to powerful R.E.M. sleep, naps can be a rich source of dreams, and this just might inspire you to start keeping a dream journal every day to gain insight into your subconscious desires.

3. Color, draw or paint. Break out the box of 64 crayons or an old set of watercolors, turn on music that you love, and let the melody and beats direct your hand. Close your eyes if you want to, and put the finished product on your fridge. Not feeling that creative today? Find a coloring book and go to town.

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4. Organize your closet. It might not seem like fun right at first, but once you begin purging your old clothes and dud outfits to make room for new ones, the time will begin to fly. Along with the extra space, you will be left with an organized wardrobe and a bag of clothes to give to a friend or donate.

5. Take a spa day, and create a relaxing afternoon for yourself. Put on your robe, kick your feet up, smear on a thick face and/or hair mask, soak your feet in Epsom salts, give yourself a manicure and pedicure, take a hot, exfoliating shower and moisturize your body into oblivion. While waiting for your lotions to soak in, read a book you love, flip on a funny movie or just rest and relax with a couple of cucumber slices on your eyes.

6. Make a collage just for fun. Drag out any old magazines and flip through them quickly, ripping out any images or articles that instantly appeal to you. Pick a theme (like inspiration, autumn or blue), or just see what unfolds when you let your subconscious brain choose. Glue everything to a big piece of paper, and then try to find hidden patterns in your creative work.

7. Cook something new. Find a new recipe you think you will like and try it out. Hearty stews, spicy ethnic dishes and warm pies and cakes are perfect for rainy days. Get creative with the presentation and give yourself permission to experiment with the recipe – you just might discover a new signature dish!

8. Go outside and dance in the rain. When was the last time you experienced raindrops as pure pleasure instead of something to be dodged as you run back indoors? Life is short - make your 5 year-old self proud and go play in the rain.

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