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To Jam or Not to Jam: Why and When to Listen to Music

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It’s hard to resist grooving out to a sweet jam. Whenever my iPod plays Bowie, I forget where I am and start to dance (yes – I’m a chair dancer.) I also painstakingly plan out my playlists to help keep me focused during the day. Waking up? Turn up the Tycho. Going on a hilly run? It’s time to listen to Crystal Castles. Working on deadline? Chopin it is. So, what kind of music should I (and you) really be listening to during the day, and when? Read on to find out!

Morning chill out

If you practice yoga at home, or do a quick stretching routine before your run, make a soothing playlist to lull yourself out of sleep.

Pounding the pavement

Make a playlist consisting of tunes you already have, but haven’t listened to in a while. Letting your brain wander and rediscover the old tunes will keep you alert, your heart rate up and your mood high.

Should we be listening to music at work?

The answer is mixed. According to The Atlantic’s article, “Should I be Listening to Music While I Work,” some studies show that music makes people more productive, while other studies show music makes no difference or is counterproductive to work.

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The positives of background noise

The Atlantic recently reported on a study titled, “Is Noise Always Bad? Exploring the Effects of Ambient Noise on Creative Cognition," that was published in the Journal of Consumer Research. The study found that a modest background noise (around 70 dB), enhanced study subjects’ performance on creativity tasks.

If you do choose to listen to music at work, though, make sure it’s something you dig. The Atlantic article stated, “it is theoretically best to listen to music you enjoy -- dopamine release, creativity, efficiency, etc.”

Before you go out

Jam out to some new tunes via music websites (Pandora, etc.) You’ll discover some new tunes and finally hone your stellar (OK – mediocre) dance moves before hitting the club.

At the gathering

Rather have some besties over for some wine? Give these tunes (and drinks) in the article “Drinkify: Music to Drink to,” a try to help get your next dinner party going.

Before bed

OK. It’s time to put down the Pod and listen to nothing but your breath. Get connected and focus on clearing your mind in order to have peaceful sleep.

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