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Can Eating Twice The Healthy Breakfast Speed Weight Loss?

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Breakfast is the easiest, cheapest and often healthiest meal of the day – so why are we just eating it once? Whether your goals are to lose weight, eat healthier, save money or save time, eating twice the healthy breakfast can help you out. Here’s why:

QUICK & EASY – Most healthy breakfast dishes are quick and easy to make. Eggs fry in a flash, cereal takes seconds to pour, and even old-fashioned, slow-cook oatmeal will be ready in five minutes. Breakfast dishes don’t require complicated recipes and often don’t even require heat.

HEALTHY – Our morning meal tends to be the healthiest meal of the day. Humans also have more willpower earlier in the day, so there's more energy for putting together a healthy breakfast. Also, red meats rarely appear at breakfast, a meal more often associated with fresh fruit, dairy and carbs.

INEXPENSIVE – Have you priced an egg vs. a chicken lately? We don’t know which came first, but the egg definitely comes in the lowest. All pork fats considered, healthy breakfast foods are less expensive than dinner foods, whether you are dining out or eating in.

The Double Breakfast Diet 

Here’s How It Works:

You will basically be eating two breakfast meals each day and one main meal later, with snacks throughout as well. Or, you can look at it like you are eating breakfast foods for lunch. Either way, stick to traditional breakfast foods for your first and second meals of the day, and you will save time and money while eating a healthier diet.

Healthy Breakfast 1: Your first meal of the day is the lightest, least expensive and easiest to make. Choose simple breakfast meals with a sweeter flavor profile: yogurt, cereal, smoothie or oatmeal with fresh cut fruit. Feel free to add extras like maple syrup for sweetener or chopped walnuts for crunch, and enjoy your meal with a big glass of water and coffee or tea if desired. If you find you’re getting too hungry before your second breakfast, bulk up on the protein such as nuts, seeds and whole grains.

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Healthy Breakfast 2: Your metabolism is revved up, your brain is rolling and your body is ready for its second, savory breakfast. Cook up an egg your favorite way, but first throw in a handful of mixed vegetables and/or herbs to make it a healthy meal. Enjoy with another serving of fresh fruit and a piece of whole wheat toast or English muffin. Again, drink a large glass of water and feel free to have a cup of decaf green tea or even coffee again if you’re the type. Keep things interesting by switching up your vegetables and herbs, and toss in a bit of cheese or bacon every once in a while for a treat.

Afternoon Snack: Everyone needs an afternoon snack! Plan on pairing a protein with a carb for best results, like carrot and hummus, tomato with feta, shrimp with cocktail sauce or nuts with dried fruit.

Dinner: With just one main meal to focus on each day, you can really spend the time to create something fabulous – or enjoy something sinful, because you’ve eaten so well all day long. Try to keep your dinner choices healthy, like broiled chicken and steamed cauliflower, but cut yourself a little slack for the evening meal.

Evening Treat: Life is too short to live without treats. Whether you want a tiny ice cream sundae, chocolate brownie, slice of key lime pie or handful of gummy bears, enjoy every single nibble of your evening snack with absolutely no regrets.

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