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OA's Everyday Eco Star!


We're turning the camera around on you guys - our awesome readers! As readership grows, we continue to be astounded by your sheer, well, awesomeness, and involvement and passion for the organic food revolution. So, we are introducing you to OA's newest feature: OA Member of the Month!

Each month, we will select from among our applicants the most inspiring entry to feature heavily across all internet channels - a moment to shine - as Organic Authority's monthly ambassador, and Everyday Eco Star!

Here's How You Can Enter

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From the Organic Authority Files

To apply, enter your info as a comment on our Everyday Eco Star Facebook Note. Be sure to include your name, location and a short bio. In addition, give us a few rousing lines about what inspired you to go organic and green and how you maintain it (it could be simple things like, I wanted my family to eat delicious and healthy food, or I didn't like smelling those yucky chemicals!). Then, it's up to the rest of us and your friends and family to vote for you by "liking" your entry. On the last Friday of each month, we'll announce the winner. 

Here's What You Win

If you are "liked" into winnerdom, your picture will be featured under the logo on our Facebook page, as well as featured on Organic Authority proclaiming your Eco Star status. Also, you'll get a special #ff mention (Follow Friday mention on Twitter) each week of your month, a shout out on Facebook and perhaps even a video shout out.

Be sure to share the note with your friends and family so they can vote for you!

image: Stacy Michelle

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