10 Pro Garage Sale Tips Because We Know You’re Totally Going to Rock It

Hosting a garage sale or yard sale is a great way to purge your home of clutter and unwanted items – and make some quick cash while you’re doing it. Follow these garage sale tips and you can maximize your return on your time and effort.

  1. Choose the right date. You’ll want to host your garage sale on a weekend that falls right after payday for most people, which is usually around the 1st or 15th of the month. On these weekends, shoppers will have extra cash to part with.
  2. Check for permits. Hop online and do a quick search to see if your city requires a permit for a garage sale. Permits usually don’t cost a lot – and you certainly don’t want to do all the prep work, only to get stopped by the law on the day of your sale.
  3. Collect your merchandise. This process should begin as early as possible. Go through your belongings one room, closet, or cabinet at a time and declutter. Any item that you haven’t used in a year is a good candidate for your garage sale. Can’t decide whether or not to part ways? Ask yourself three questions: Do I love it? Do I need it? Do I use it? If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions, put it in the pile to be sold.
  4. Sort your stuff into categories. Shoppers want to purchase things that are clean and organized. The easier you make it for people to browse through your belongings, the more they will buy. Get started by group your things by room: kitchenware, children’s clothes, bedroom décor, and tools from the garage. Fold clothing neatly, and place toys down low to attract kids. Arrange your belongings in an attractive way.
  5. Get everything off the ground that you can. In a pinch, tarps on your driveway will work. But it’s better to create makeshift tables and shelves, so that people don’t have to bend over to browse – which is uncomfortable. Make a long, low table out of two chairs and a door. Use sawhorses, and pull out tables from inside your house (be sure to label them “ not for sale”). For nice dresses and outfits, hang a shower rod from the ceiling to create a clothing rack.
  6. Price everything. One of the top garage sale tips is to put price stickers on as many things as possible. Many people don’t like haggling, and many others don’t want to spend the time and take the trouble to bother you over and over to ask the price on every item. Buy small pricing stickers and label away. If you have several items of the same price (like books or small dishes), put them in a box and label the box with the price. Remember: you want to make it as easy as possible for people to buy your things.
  7. Hide items that aren’t for sale. If you’re using your garage to host the sale, you may have shelving, tools, camping gear or other items that aren’t for sale. Tack up a tarp or spare sheet to cover them up. Otherwise, you’ll be answering questions about them all day long.
  8. Find a locking moneybox and get plenty of change. Visit the bank before the day of your sale and get one-dollar bills, fives, tens, and quarters. Expect people to pay with 20s. Never leave your lock box unattended during the sale.
  9. Create a comfortable setting. Many garage sales take place in the summer. Set up some fans to blow a breeze, and stock a cooler with ice-cold drinks that you can sell for extra profit.
  10. Get the word out! Put up signs at intersections in your neighborhood, advertise in local newspapers, and spread the word on social media. Tell everyone you know!

With these garage sale tips, your weekend will be worth it. Happy selling!

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