11 Home Decor Knitting Projects

9 Eco-Friendly Yarns You'll Love for Your Knitting Projects

It is the time of year for knitting projects. Not much else is better than curling up on the sofa with a steaming mug of hot tea (or a hot tea toddy) and a cozy, warm knitting project.

And to help you out, we have a roundup of some seriously fun home decor knitting projects. Not only can you spend the evening or weekend relaxing and knitting, but you can outfit your space with the fruits of your labor with these clever home decor knitting projects.

  1. A Blanket For Seriously Cold People – The title of this project says it all. Knit this up to keep you warm!
  2. Itty Bitty Decorative Birdies – Decorate a window sill with these cute knitted birds.
  3. Decorative and Practical Chair Socks – Knit up practical chair, table and sofa socks to protect your floors and a little pop of color.
  4. Colorblock Bias Blanket – Create a colorful and visually stunning blanket with this knitting project.
  5. Big Stitch Knit Rug – This chunky knit rug is pretty much the bee’s knees and it looks pretty easy to knit up too.
  6. Knitted Repurposed Sheets Rag Rug – Upcycle old sheets into ���yarn”.
  7. Chunky Knitted Poufs – Knit your own chunky knit pouf–and you only need to know the garter stitch to get the job done.
  8. Knitted Table Runner – This easy project uses a checkerboard lace pattern to add some pretty texture to your tabletop. Use an unexpected color for a pop.
  9. Knitted Wall Clock – Turn an uninspiring wall clock into a knitted piece of art with this idea. It’s also pretty beginner-friendly too.
  10. Finger Knitted Hula Hoop Wall Art – Got a hula hoop, but aren’t coordinated enough to use it? Turn it into a frame for this finger knitted knitting project. Use the results are a wall hanging, table decoration or small rug.
  11. Knitted Seascape Wall Hanging – Decorate your walls with this gorgeous knitted seascape wall hanging.

Now, if you don’t already know how to knit and you want to take the hobby up, here are some how-to knitting links to get you started.

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