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13 DIY Halloween Decorations You Can Make At Home!

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Halloween is fast approaching, are you decorated yet? If not, here are ideas for 13 DIY Halloween decorations to get your space ready for All Hallows' Eve, whether you are getting preparing for trick or treaters or planning a party for your favorite zombies and ghouls.

13 DIY Halloween Decorations

1.Spider Ice Cubes

Freeze plastic spiders in ice cubes to make your punch extra creepy crawly at your Halloween party. Tutorial here.

2. Feather Boa Raven Wreath

Nevermore, nevermore. Greet guests with a Poe-esque front door wreath made with a feather boa, a faux raven on a wood wreath frame. Tutorial here.

3. Fuzzy Halloween Spider

Kids can easily make fuzzy spiders from foam balls, popsicle sticks and yard. Use different size foam balls for different size spider. Tutorial here.

4. Bat Swarm

Create a dark display of a swarm of bats inside your home using paper or outside using a weather resistant material like flexible foam. Bat template here.

5. Dryer Vent Pumpkins

For something a little less goth, try this idea for making your own dryer vent pumpkins. All that’s needed it some dryer venting, paint and a glue gun. How-to here.

6. Paint Can Luminaires

Create your own fun luminaires utilizing repurposed paint cans. All that’s required is some tools for hole punching, paint and old paint or soup cans. Tutorial here.

7. Black Flowers

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Spray paint cut flowers for a gothic chic table display. How-to here.

8. Gilded Pumpkins

Create a more elegant look by painting ceramic pumpkins with metallic paint and stacking them for a sophisticated Halloween topiary. Tutorial here.

9. Ghostly Visitors

Add construction paper eyes and mouths to tissue paper bells and drape them with cheesecloth for a ghostly display. Tutorial here.

10. Giant Yarn Spider Web

Create a cool looking spider web with just some yarn and tape. Populate it with creepy crawly spiders. Directions here.

11. Chevron Painted Pumpkins

For those who love pumpkins, but not pumpkin carving consider painting instead--chevron patterns are a really easy to create and look cool too. Tutorial here.

12. Repurposed Book Paper Pumpkins

Use old books and some cutting skills to make these darling paper pumpkins. Tutorial here.

13. Window Silhouettes

Spook up your windows with easy window silhouettes made from black construction paper and orange tissue paper. How-to here.

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