6 Best Ceramic Cookware Sets 2024: The New Chef Tested Ultimate Guide

Elevate your kitchen with the best ceramic cookware sets handpicked by our pro chef, Laura Klein. She’s tested non-toxic ceramic cookware for 10+ years — see her top picks and her real-world experiences with each.

Image of a graphic banner with an orange background and four of the best ceramic cookware brands
If you want nonstick cookware, but want to stay away from PTFE cookware, ceramic cookware may be for youCredit: Organic Authority Studio

Ceramic cookware is trending. It’s a hot topic in the cookware world. Why? As it turns out, traditional non-stick cookware made from PFAS chemicals (the parent class of over 12,000 synthetic chemicals that includes PTFE, GenX, PFOAs, PFOS all used to create nonstick coatings) isn’t so healthy for humans or the environment.1

For years, it’s been contaminating our waterways and, unfortunately, humans with what’s known as ‘forever chemicals’ (along with many other consumer products), and it’s big news! You can read more about the issues here. Some of the health issues associated with PFAS chemicals include testicular and kidney cancer, infertility, liver damage, and thyroid disease.2, 3

Is it really worth the risk? Hmmm.

Tasha Stoiber, EWG, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, says this about PFAS,

“PFAS, a family of compounds including Teflon, can be found in the blood of people all over the world, including 99 percent of Americans. The production of consumer goods using these chemicals pollutes drinking water, food and wildlife, and since PFAS do not break down, they remain in the environment and people for decades. Almost everywhere we look we find more PFAS.”

As smart consumers who’ve become educated on the dangers of PTFE cookware (also known as polytetrafluoroethylene, and known by the trade name Teflon, which many now call ‘toxic cookware’), the popularity of non toxic ceramic cookware and bakeware has soared, specifically ceramic coated non-stick cookware, and pure ceramic cookware.

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Ceramic Cookware Tested

As a trained chef and founder of Organic Authority, I’ve been testing ceramic cookware for over 10 years. I’ve cooked everything in these pans, including scrambled eggs, fried eggs, delicate fish, proteins, sauces, pasta sauces, vegetables, oatmeal, and more. I’ve also tested the durability of each with metal, wooden, and silicone utensils. And as you can imagine, I’ve done a lot of cleaning and know which ones are easy to clean.

I can also share that I’ve tested everything from the cheap ceramic cookware lines to the well-made, premium brands, and there is a big difference. Experience has taught me to stay away from the too-cheap brands and one-hit wonders that try to do it all, and it’s worth investing in brands that are durable and well-constructed.

Because all of my picks are PFAS free, you can have peace of mind that if you accidentally walk away from the stove and overheat the pan, no toxic gasses will be released which can lead to polymer fume fever (as happens with PTFE and PFAS cookware when it goes above 500 degrees Fahrenheit).4 These fumes are potent enough to hospitalize humans and kill pet birds.5

Drumroll, please … based on my testing, this is my list of top picks from GreenPan, Caraway, Xtrema and, newcomer to this 2024 non-toxic ceramic cookware guide update, Alva Cookware.

The 6 Best Ceramic Cookware Sets Tested. Literally.
Most Advanced Ceramic NonstickGreenPan’s GP5
Best Modern DesignCaraway
Best Pure CeramicXtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware
Best Minimalist AestheticGreenPan’s Venice Pro Noir
Best Classic DesignAlva Cookware
Best Induction Safe or Most VersatileGreenPan’s Valencia Pro
These are our top leading picks for ceramic cookware. These include ceramic coated nonstick cookware and pure, or all ceramic cookware.

What is Ceramic Cookware?

The world of ceramic cookware is as varied as it is eco-friendly. Some cookware companies rely on slick nonstick “ceramic” surfaces as a stand-in for traditional PTFE nonstick, coating a metal core with a slick layer derived from natural substances like silicon dioxide or silica, like you’ll see from GreenPan, Caraway, or Alva Cookware.

GreenPan’s proprietary coating is made with Thermolon, while Caraway and Alva Cookware use Sol Gel, an inorganic, sand-based composition, all 100% PFAS-free. Other companies forego the metal entirely for pans wholly crafted from clay, creating pure ceramic cookware like Xtrema.

However, like all cookware, not all ceramic cookware is created equal. (Much like there are pros and cons of carbon steel vs. stainless steel vs. cast iron, read to learn more.) Some pans lose their slickness quickly or have poor heat conduction. While others, despite eco claims, aren’t much better than traditional nonstick made with a host of toxic chemicals that are detrimental to the environment, like the famous PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ found in traditional nonstick PTFE coated pans.

Know this upfront when considering buying ceramic coated nonstick cookware. No nonstick cookware lasts a lifetime (including PTFE). It’s just the nature of the material. And depending on how rough your are on your nonstick cookware, that will dictate the longevity of your cookware. Keep reading to see my tips to get the most out of your nonstick cookware. 

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Here are the 6 Best Ceramic Cookware Sets We’ve Tested

 1. Most Innovative: GreenPan’s GP5

Image of black GreenPan GP5 cookware one of the best ceramic cookware sets with a non stick surface on white marble counter with white marble solid backsplash, styled with a wood cutting board and a small squash.
GP5 is the most durable ceramic cookware out there and a favorite of mine.Credit: GreenPan

Ceramic cookware has improved by leaps and bounds since it first emerged in the marketplace, and there are many companies worthy of accolades for their continued innovation and commitment to excellence.

No company impresses me more than GreenPan, whose new GP5 line takes full advantage of 15 years of innovation and development to deliver the most advanced ceramic nonstick collection yet. You can read more about GreenPan in our deep dive of the brand and our favorite GreenPan sets reviewed.

I’ve been testing GreenPan’s ceramic cookware sets for over 10 years. And guess what? Their ceramic cookware just gets better with their continued technological advancements in their Thermolon nonstick ceramic coating.

GP5 Construction

And the new GP5 is no exception. Boasting the company’s proprietary, diamond-infused Infinite8 ceramic nonstick coating, the 8th generation and most advanced iteration of their iconic ceramic nonstick coating. It’s also the most durable and is my personal favorite from GreenPan.

The GP5 is noticeably twice as thick, which does give it a little more weight, but that also translates into better heat conduction and longer life. It comes with the Balance Pro base, which flexes when heated so that oil stays where you put it (as long as your stove is flat!). They also use silhouette rivets in their construction, which are reversed rivets, to help eliminate jammed food in small crevices, keeping the pans cleaner.

Image of an overhead view of a set of the best ceramic cookware by GreenPan in their GP5 line, with a saucepan filled with pasta with its lid askew showing what's inside. It's ceramic-coated nonstick with a beautiful stainless steel finish and champagne handles.
GreenPan’s GP5 showcases the best in ceramic cookware while pairing it with the timeless beauty of a stainless steel finish and chic champagne handles.Credit: GreenPan

I’ve cooked everything in these pans from eggs, omelets, pancakes, proteins, veg to fish. You don’t need a lot of oil or fat to help with the nonstick surface but I recommend it. But, if you really don’t want to add any oil, you can probably get away with it. 

GP5s Utility

Another thing to love about these pans is that they’re metal utensil tolerant (which most ceramic non-stick is not). This is a big deal because that means the pan will last longer and not degrade as quickly with scratches and dings from metal utensil use.

Gif of an overhead shot of someone stirring eggs in a ceramic nonstick pan by GreenPan in their GP5 line, showing off the slick surface that's really easy to clean and of very high quality and of course, non-toxic.
The nonstick surface of the GP5 series is excellent and with a little special care, it’ll retain it’s slick surface for much longer than many nonstick ceramic pans on the market.Credit: Organic Authority Studio

And because of its slick, nonstick coating, it’s easy to clean. I’ve overcooked a few stuck-on messes like, over reduced sauces, burned on cheese, and all of these came clean with a little soap, water and soft brush. I’m also a fan of the heat vents in the opaque lids to prevent liquids from boiling over (like my homemade morning oatmeal).

They’ve just added a new stainless steel option to the GP5 line, and whoa is it stunning. Featuring chic champagne handles, classic stainless steel construction, it’s finished with the same groundbreaking Infinite8 Ceramic Nonstick.

Another favorite feature — GreenPan even helps you recycle your old cookware set.

Best cooking technique: medium, to medium-low heat, will tolerate some high heat cooking though.

100% PFAS free, ceramic coated nonstick surfaceDoesn’t last a lifetime
Dishwasher safe, easy to clean
Oven safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit
Metal utensil safe
Can be used on all stove tops including induction
Excellent heat conduction
Improved ceramic coating for durability
Includes 3 pan protectors and silicone utensil set
Lids come with a steam vent
Set comes with a stock pot making it an incredible value
As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons for our top pick, the GP5 line.
Image of black GreenPan GP5 cookware one of the best ceramic cookware sets with a non stick surface on white marble counter with white marble solid backsplash, styled with a wood cutting board and a small squash.
GreenPan’s GP5 has their best ceramic nonstick coating yet. Credit: GreenPan

What’s included in a 11-piece set:

  • 3-quart saucepan, plus opaque lid with heat vent
  • 9.5 frypan
  • 11-inch frypan
  • 3-quart sauté pan, includes lid with heat vent
  • 5-quart stockpot, includes lid with heat vent
  • 3 felt pan protectors 
  • 3 silicone utensils 

Price: $859 + 30% savings with exclusive code.

The collection also boasts a grill pan and additional frypan sizes for easy add-ons. And if you don’t want a full set go for the single pots and pans and fill in from there. 

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2. Best Modern Design: Caraway

Image of the best ceramic cookware set by Caraway Home on a gas range, a saute pan with lid in cream and a small sauce pot with lid also in cream from the deluxe set. In front of the range is a cutting board with sliced garlic and shallots, a small bowl of crushed red pepper and fresh thai basil.
Caraway’s ceramic pans aren’t just about looks, their non-toxic ceramic coating is built to last.Credit: Caraway Home

If you want pans as pretty as they are high-functioning, Caraway is the brand for you. These sleek pans boast a vintage appeal and are available in nine different colors, so you can choose the one that perfectly suits your kitchen aesthetic.

Classics include cream, blue, sage green, coral, and bright marigold, while the “Iconics” collection is available in black, white, and silt green, each of which boasts a gold-hued handle.

Caraway’s Construction

Of course, these pans aren’t just about looks, with a non-toxic ceramic coating, made from sol-gel that comes from silicone dioxide or silica. It’s built to last, as long as it’s treated properly. What does that mean? These pots and pans are best for medium to medium-low cooking, no searing high heat cook offs or hot, hot, hot dishwashers. The high heat will quickly degrade the nonstick surface, shortening the life of your beautiful cookware.

These pots and pans do come with a little more weight to them, but in my mind that’s not a bad thing because they have an aluminum core that makes them excellent at heat conduction. That being said, I love that the 4.5 -quart saute pan comes with a helper handle to help overcome any issues with weight. It’s also an oversize saute pan that can cook up large dishes for friends and family.

Caraway’s pots and pans are also compatible with induction stoves. To learn more about their ethos, read our deep dive into Caraway cookware sets and our brand review and interview here.

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My Experience Cooking with Caraway

I’ve been using my set for several years now, and have cooked everything from eggs, pasta, fish, my morning oatmeal and more. Like all ceramic nonstick cookware that I’ve tested, I do recommend adding a little fat or oil to the pan to get the most of the nonstick surface.

I can confirm that when treated with care you will get great life out of them. I recommend washing them by hand (they are not dishwasher safe, the high heat will quickly degrade the nonstick surface) and only use wood and silicone utensils (they are not metal utensil safe).

I can confirm that Caraway is third party tested by (SGS and or TUV) and California Prop 65 certified.

Oh, and I’ve also tested and fully reviewed both Caraway’s non-toxic bakeware set and their food storage containers, both of which I fell in love with.

Here’s What’s Included in a Set

As far as sets go, there are a few options. Caraway’s ceramic coated cookware sets come with a 10.5-inch fry pan as well as 3- quart saucepan and 4.5-quart saute pan, and a 6.5 quart Dutch oven (great value!). Opaque lids with vents are included with three of the four pans to prevent boiled over spills. Magnetic pan racks and a canvas lid holder allow for easy storage.

If the set feels like too big of a commitment, you could pick up individual pots or pans as desired. Or, you could test out your love for Caraway with the Minis Duo, which feature two of Caraway’s most requested products: the Mini Fry Pan and the Mini Sauce Pan. Designed for smaller portions, these lighter-weight pans are a phenomenal addition to any kitchen.

Or you could opt for the Deluxe Set, which combines the 10-piece Cookware Set with Storage, and the Minis Duo and a hefty discount. It’s the way to go if you want the whole enchilada (I love enchiladas).

Best cooking technique: Medium to medium-low temperatures. 

100% PFAS free, ceramic coated nonstick surfaceNot Dishwasher safe
Third party tested, California Prop 65 certifiedNot metal utensil safe 
Oven safe up to 550 degrees fahrenheitDoesn’t last a lifetime
Set comes with a pan and lid storage solution
Excellent heat conduction
You can use on any stovetop including induction
Comes with a Dutch oven and oversized saute pan for large meals and families
Lids come with steam vents
The pros and cons for the modern Caraway Cookware set here to help if you’re on the fence.
Image of Caraway Home cookware set in cream on gas range with sage green painted backsplash and wood utensils in a stone canister off to the side. Caraway Cookware is a premier safe ceramic coated cookware made with an aluminum core. The ceramic coating makes hand washing is a breeze. They are not necessarily dishwasher safe. The nonstick coating is one of the best and finest and performs best over medium heat. Caraway Cookware has some of the healthiest non-stick pans on the market. They are also one of the safest cookware brands with their cookware sets.
We love that Caraway offers lots of color options and combinations.Credit: Image courtesy of Caraway

Caraway Cookware Set Breakdown

  • 10.5-inch fry pan
  • 3- quart sauce pan with lid
  • 4.5-quart saute pan with helper handle and lid
  • 6.5 quart Dutch oven and lid (great value!)
  • Magnetic pan racks and a canvas lid holder allow for easy storage

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3. Best Pure Ceramic: Xtrema

Image of Chef using Xtrema the best pure ceramic cookware safe cooking in a healthy kitchen. Xtrema cookware is one of the safest cookware brands on the market. Healthy, non-toxic cookware.
You can’t get much cleaner than pure ceramic cookware, which is what Xtrema is.Credit: Xtrema

As opposed to other brands on this list, Xtrema pots and pans don’t have a metal core or nonstick coating. Instead, this brand takes full advantage of thousands of years of ceramic cookware traditions, offering a proprietary clay collection boasting the beauty of pottery, the durability of porcelain, and the heat retention of stoneware.

This cookware brand is unique. Constructed from flameware, a newer type of ceramic clay that’s used to make their cookware, Xtrema’s cookware excels at heat retention. Made from clay, water, and natural oxides and tripled fired at 2,500 degrees, it is durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean. Certified PFAS, PTFE and PFOA free, they’re also California Prop 65 compliant, so you can be confident that no toxic chemicals will leach from this cookware.

You can read more about Xtrema cookware sets and the founder’s journey and why he made it his mission to create the cleanest cookware possible.

“In my experience, Xtrema’s cookware retains heat so well (you must preheat it properly), that you may not need to cook dishes over as high a temperature that you may be used to.” — Laura Klein, Pro-Trained Chef and Co-Founder of Organic Authority

The redesigned signature skillet line from Xtrema boasts shallow side walls and a smooth cooking surface. I love it for its heat retention and prefer it for low, slow cooking: it’s great for her shakshuka, spinach artichoke dip, and more. I love it for cooking eggs too. Add a little oil to the pan and you have a surprisingly naturally nonstick surface. And their new classic oval Dutch oven is a fave too. I recently put to the test, you can read my full review of the Xtrema Classic Oval Dutch Oven here.

I’ve even tested the cookware line’s natural nonstick claims with eggs. Shockingly, with a little oil or fat, the pan lives up to its non-stick promise.

This cookware is ideal for all of your low and slow cooking needs like soups, stews, braises and more. I recommend following the brand’s advice on preheating your pot or pan on low for about three minutes before adding oil or fat to the pan. Then you can raise the temperature if you desire. However, be careful of drastic temperature changes, you could damage it and void the warranty.

In my experience, Xtrema’s cookware retains heat so well (you must preheat it properly), that you may not need to cook dishes over as high a temperature that you may be used to.

That same heat retention and beautiful design makes it ideal for going from stovetop, to oven, to table, effortlessly, while keeping your food warm.

To get started, I recommend their Signature Series Set (detailed below) or you could always pick up single pieces as needed. Again, I love their skillet and Dutch oven so those are a great place to start.

Here’s What Comes in Xtrema’s Signature Series Set

The 9-piece traditions set comes complete with 1-quart, 1.5 quart, 2.5 quart saucepans with lids and a 10-inch saute pan with lid. This ceramic cookware set also comes with two, 100% organic cotton handle potholders.

Best cooking technique: low to medium-low heat for slow and low cooking 

100% pure ceramicHave to preheat over low heat
FDA Certified and California Prop 65 compliantTo cook on induction you need a special induction disk
No PFAS, PTFE, PFOA, lead or cadmium
10-year warranty, and 40 day trial
Dishwasher, microwave, BBQ, freezer, oven safe
Excellent heat conduction and retention
Pure ceramic cookware tolerates high temps, but just make sure you heat it up slowly. See the other pros and cons.
Image of Xtrema's black ceramic signature series set includes 3 pots with and one saute pan on a white background. This is a beautiful ceramic cookware set.
Xtrema’s pretty, modern Signature Series Set Credit: Xtrema

Signature Series Set Breakdown

  • 1-quart traditions saucepan with lid
  • 1.5 quart traditions saucepan with lid
  • 2.5 quart traditions saucepan with lid
  • 9-inch signature skillet
  • 2 – 100% organic cotton handle potholders

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4. Most Versatile: Green Pan’s Valencia Pro

image of GreenPan Valencia Pro one of the best ceramic cookware brands with carrots on range held by man in grey button-down holding wood spoon. In the background there is a wooden cutting board with parsley and a cream sauce in small, clear glass bowl.
Valencia Pro is GreenPan’s best-selling set and if you add just one nonstick ceramic piece to your kitchen, consider their frypan.Credit: GreenPan

This cookware set has stood the test of time. Really. I’ve been cooking with it for years. It’s durable and simply put, it just does the job it’s supposed to when it comes to nonstick ceramic cookware.

The Valencia Pro is a bestseller and recent winner of the Good Housekeeping Sustainable Innovation Award! The judges were impressed with GreenPan’s sustainability efforts and product efficacy. “GreenPan makes cookware with strict quality assurance procedures to ensure the absence of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium and endocrine-disrupting fluorinated compounds from its ceramic nonstick coating.”

Valencia Pro is GreenPan’s best-selling set for a reason. Crafted from hard anodized aluminum, it boasts maximum strength and scratch resistance. Plus, it works on induction surfaces and the incredible nonstick surface makes it very easy to clean.

The Valencia Pro Tested After 2 Years

Recently, I stayed at a friend’s house, and she showed me the Valencia Pro saute pan given to her two years prior by a family member. My friend used it to cook everything from scrambled eggs, to cooking pancakes over high heat (to get those brown edges), to frying up crispy potatoes (she definitely wasn’t following all of the guidelines!). I was shocked at how well the Valencia Pro stood up to all of this use and abuse.

So, I couldn’t help but put that pan to the test with an egg, and a little butter. Even though the pan had some oil stains, the nonstick qualities held up surprisingly well. 

The award-winning Valencia Pro line comes in several set options, detailed below, or there’s always the option of purchasing a pan or two here and there. I would definitely start with their fry pans if you’re not in need of a full set of pots and pans.

What’s Included In the Valencia Pro Cookware Set

The 19-piece set includes 8-, 9.5-, and 11-inch fry pans as well as 2- and 3.25-quart saucepans, a 3-quart sauté pan, 5- and 8-quart stockpots, an 11-inch everyday pan, 11-in griddle and an 11-inch grill pan. And with the exception of the frying pans, every item comes with its own glass lid.

Add some pan protectors, and it’s everything you need. There’s also a 13-piece set and a 11 piece set, which are great places to start if you don’t need the whole shebang.

Best cooking technique: medium, to medium-low heat, and will tolerate high heat cooking.

Extremely durable, time testedDoesn’t last a lifetime
Thermolon diamond-infused ceramic nonstick coating
Metal utensil safe
Works on all stove tops including induction
Oven safe up to 600 degrees fahrenheit
Dishwasher safe
While the Valencia Pro won’t last long enough to hand down to the next generation (no nonstick is), it still has quite a few pros to recommend it.

Valencia Pro 11-Piece Cookware Set Breakdown

1.5-Quart Saucepan with lid
3-Quart Saucepan with lid
3-Quart Saute Pan with lid
5-Quart Stockpot with lid (great value!)
3 pan protectors

Price: $574 + 30% savings with code: ORGANIC30

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4. Best Classic Design: Alva Cookware

Image of overhead view best ceramic cookware large Alva Maestro nonstick frypan on stainless steel gas range next to white countertop with small, rectangular speckled white tray holding small bowls of salt and pepper, and a small bottle of oil.
The thick base of this Alva ceramic nonstick pan makes it excellent at heat conduction. Credit: Alva Cookware

If you’re looking for a pan with Old World craftsmanship and the experience of modern cooking, then this is it! The Alva Maestro Nonstick Frying Pan is the one for you.

The thick aluminum induction base is impressive . The pan’s base is a layer of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel, making it great for heat conduction and distribution.

Alva Ceramic Cookware Construction

This pan is ceramic coated with a proprietary sol-gel method and is 100% PFAS free (which we love, and know you do too). Additionally, the straight edge designs give you 20% more surface area to cook with! This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Curved sides reduce the cooking area of most pans, and just one of many reasons why I love this pan.

When testing this pan, I cooked many egg dishes including scrambled eggs, to sunny side-up eggs and delicate fish dishes. They all released effortlessly, demonstrating the pan’s slick, non-stick surface (the coating also makes clean-up a breeze!).

Its sleek design is perfect for the minimalist chef who values efficiency and trustworthy manufacturing. This pan is available in 8”, 9.5”, and 11” sizes (individually or in the set detailed below), perfect for grass fed meats, fresh fish, sauces, and eggs. Say goodbye to breakfast residue on pans — your organic free-range eggs will slide right off!

Best cooking technique: medium, to medium-low heat.

100% PFAS freeNot dishwasher safe
Third party tested Not metal utensil tolerant
Works on all stove tops including inductionDoesn’t last a lifetime
Excellent construction, durable
20% more cooking surface area
Great heat conduction
10 year warranty
While Alva’s ceramic cookware isn’t dishwasher safe, it’s so easy to clean, you probably won’t mind. See the other pros and cons on our list.

Maestro Nonstick Frying Pan Specs:
Choose from 11, 9.5 or 8 inch pans. 

Price: 11″ – $159, 9.5″ – $139, 8″ – $119

6. Best Minimalist Aesthetic: GreenPan Venice Pro Noir

Image of cooking up eggs and sliding onto a plate. GreenPan's Venice Pro Noir safe ceramic cookware non toxic. Their thermolon is one of the safest cookware materials to cook with. Their non stick pans are excellent to cook with and don't leach toxic chemical into food. We've reviewed the best ceramic cookware sets tested.
With Venice Pro Noir ceramic non-toxic frypans, you can spill out the perfect egg or flip the perfect pancake every time. Credit: GreenPan

If you want a pan that blends effortlessly into your minimalist kitchen, then reach for GreenPan’s Venice Pro Noir. This sleek, designer-approved collection boasts matte black handles and stay-stainless steel exteriors for an oh-so-sophisticated finish, and glass lids mean you can watch your favorite dishes come together before your very eyes.

Of course, like the rest of GreenPan’s products, Venice is far from just a pretty face. These pans are total workhorses, with three-ply stainless cores and diamond-infused ceramic coating for a durable surface with maximum release, so you can flip the perfect pancake every time (and cleaning these pans is a dream).

If you like to see what you’re cooking through the lid of a pot or pan, this might be the set for you. The lids also have a built-in strainer and pour spout that makes pouring liquids from a pan easy and mess-free. The Venice Pro Noir comes with tempered glass lids. The bonus, it comes with the durable Thermolon ceramic nonstick coating (but not the Infinite8 that comes with the GP5).

It’s your choice to go for a full set like the one below (which is an incredible value) or to pick up individual pieces as needed such as a frypan or stockpot. 

Best cooking technique: medium, to medium-low heat, will tolerate higher heat.

100% PFAS free, ceramic coated nonstick surfaceDoesn’t last a lifetime
Tempered glass lids so you can see what you’re cooking
Oven safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit
Save for all stove tops including induction
Dishwasher safe (handwashing recommended)
Metal utensil resistant (silicone or wood is best)
Excellent heat conduction
To make your ceramic cookware last, we recommend handwashing, even when the manufacturer says it’s dishwasher safe.

Venice Pro Noir Ceramic Nonstick 13-Piece Cookware Set Specs

12″-Frypan, includes lid
3-Quart Saute Pan, includes lid
1.5-Quart Saucepan Includes Lid
3-Quart Saucepan Includes Lid
5-Quart Stockpot Includes Straining lid!
9.5″-Stainless Steel Steamer (great value!)

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Laura’s Tips for Cooking and Caring for Your Ceramic Cookware

Image of a colorful graphic with Laura's Cheat Sheet for Cooking with Nonstick Ceramic Cookware, where she gives tips to help make your non-toxic cookware last as long as possible and preserve your high-quality cookware investment.
Here are my quick tips for getting the most life out of your non-toxic, nonstick ceramic cookware. Credit: Organic Authority Studio

Caring for ceramic-coated nonstick pans is similar to caring for any nonstick. I recommend washing by hand (but stay away from abrasive cleaning pads), even when the manufacturer says the dishwasher is okay. Remember their nonstick coating makes them easy to wash! Putting them in the dishwasher that runs hot, hot, hot, will quickly degrade the surface!

Avoid metal utensils (again, even if the manufacturer says otherwise), steer clear to make them last longer and keep from scratching. I like to use silicone or wood utensils on her nonstick (stay away from plastic, please!).

I also recommend keeping them away from extremely high heat as well, cook over medium or low heat — no high-heat searing on nonstick.

What happens if you burn something? Use my tried and true chef trick, add some water, put it over low heat for a few minutes, and use a wooden spoon to lift the burned on bits. Rinse and hand wash.

Thoughtful care and attention really works!

On the fence on which way to go? Leave a comment below and get my expert opinion and tips!

Is Ceramic Cookware Healthy?

Given its construction, ceramic cookware is devoid of problematic PFAS, PTFE and PFOAs, which can be dangerous for humans and the environment. Not only has production of these substances been linked to polluted waterways, but PTFE may not be safe for humans and pets like birds if it heats up beyond 500 degrees Fahrenheit, as it is known to offgas. 

Safe at temperatures exceeding 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit for pure ceramic, or the still-very-hot 600ºF for ceramic-coated, this nonstick cookware is a healthier choice both for the home cook and for the planet.What are the 

Disadvantages of Ceramic Cookware?

There are some downsides to choosing ceramic nonstick, notably durability. Ceramic cookware simply doesn’t last as long as traditional PTFE nonstick. You’ll need to be judicious about your use and care of your pans to keep them from wearing out too quickly.

How does Ceramic Cookware Stand Up to PTFE?

For some, this disadvantage is so pronounced that they opt, instead, for a solution that offers the best of both worlds: a modern PTFE nonstick skillet that does not contain PFOAs and will outperform ceramics in terms of longevity (which we’ve tested and is true, but the high quality ceramics on our list come close to longevity when properly cared for and maintained). MadeIn is a good option, with pans that are oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and that last around six to seven times as long as ceramic.

Image of a line of Made In frypans lined up and stacked by twos on a wood countertop, the front stack of two is in focus, the rest are out of focus. This brand is a good alternative to the best ceramic cookware brands.
Made In nonstick cookware is a modern version of PTFE and is not ceramic. Credit: Made In

And yet, Made In is far from perfect. The PTFE supply chain is still problematic, and there’s still an outstanding question of how modern brands dispose of the PFAS chemicals used to make PTFE. If you’re interested in learning more, we’ve covered the issue of PTFE cookware safety in depth.

Brands We Don’t Recommend and Why

There are loads of other green nonstick brands on the market today, so why didn’t they make it onto our list?

In a word: longevity. Although, please note that no nonstick cookware will last forever, but the brands I recommend last much longer than others, meaning they’re better for the environment, and are a better investment.

We’ve tried PTFE-free nonstick pans from Ecolution’s Bliss Line, Ozeri Green Earth, GreenLife Soft Grip, Cuisinart’s Green Gourmet 12-piece set, and Scanpan. In our tests, the coating deteriorated too quickly for us to give them a recommendation — and that’s even with hand-washing and wood or silicone utensils. You will be replacing them in 3 months, and you’ll be mad that you wasted your time and money.

Why don’t I recommend the AlwaysPan? The same reason, longevity. You’ll be frustrated when you have to replace it in as little as six months.

Consider a high-quality ceramic pan an investment — in your cooking, your health, and the environment! If you can’t buy a whole set, buy one or two pans that you think you will use the most often to start, and then build out your collection from there as needed.

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image of caraway food storage in use on countertop in cream and navy blue containers with hand reaching for berries.
Chef Laura Klein has been testing non-toxic kitchenware for over 10 years.Credit: Image via Laura Klein and Organic Authority Studio

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