13 of the Best Reasons to Love Winter

What are the best things about winter?

While it seems like winter will never end this year, it’s important to appreciate those things about winter that we do love as it begins its wind down into spring.

So don’t be too quick to write winter off, because you will be fondly remembering all of these things in the heat of summer!

Here are 13 of some of the best reasons to love winter:

  1. Drinking your favorite hot beverage – whether you prefer Irish coffee, hot toddy or vegan hot chocolate, nothing beats warming up in winter with a hot beverage.
  2. Chunky accessories – scarves, scarflettes, hats, mittens, fingerless gloves, ponchos, shawls and more.
  3. Time to catch up on knitting and crochet projects – knit or crochet a warm throw to keep you cozy.
  4. Baking – it’s not hot to turn on the oven and bake cookies.
  5. Catching up on a TV series – still haven’t watched the series end to “Breaking Bad”? Now is the time to catch up.
  6. Layering – I’m not going to know what to do when it’s too warm to wear boots and leggings with a dress; it’s my winter uniform.
  7. Winter pastimes – whether it’s sledding, snowboarding, skating, skiing or a building a snowman, wintertime snow activities are a must.
  8. Freshly fallen snow – the still beauty of freshly fallen snow almost makes all the shoveling worthwhile.
  9. Staying in for the night – when there is blizzard going on outside there’s no need to make up an excuse when you don’t feel like going out.
  10. Curling up in front of the fireplace – getting cozy in front of the fire pretty much rocks. Can’t do that in summertime heat.
  11. A big pot of soup – warm your belly and make the house smell delicious with a big pot of your favorite soup.
  12. Cuddling in bed with all your pets – we love it when all the cats curl up on the bed with us to get warm.
  13. Roasted root vegetables – eating local all winter long means delicious roasted root vegetables.

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