15 Last Minute No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas Perfect for Halloween

Easy no carve pumpkin ideas for Halloween.

If you haven’t decorated your Halloween pumpkin yet, it is getting down to the wire. But don’t worry, we have plenty of no-carve pumpkin ideas to help you get ready. So, grab your Mod Podge, sharpies, and puffy paints and get inspired with these no muss no fuss no-carve pumpkin ideas!

No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas

  1. Decoupaged Paper Pumpkins – Among no carve pumpkin ideas, one of the easiest is to decoupage. Simply choose your paper of choice (tissue paper, newspaper, gift wrap, or what have you) and Mod Podge to complete.
  2. Chalkboard Pumpkins – Paint your pumpkin with chalkboard, allow to dry, and decorate with colored chalk. Change the decoration daily.
  3. Sharpie Zentangle Pumpkin – Grab your sharpie and use the zentangle technique to decorate your pumpkin. Zentangle is a pattern drawing technique that is easy enough for everyone to master. Use white pumpkins for a cool effect.
  4. Fabric Pumpkin – Instead of using paper and Mod Podge, use fabric instead. A Halloween patchwork pumpkin could be super cute.
  5. Black and White Pumpkin – Start with white pumpkins and use black paint, sharpies, paper or fabric to create black and white pumpkins.
  6. All the Trimmings – Grab a glue gun and fun fabric trims like rick rack, ribbon, lace, and more to make a sweet Halloween pumpkin.
  7. Color Blocked Pumpkin – Pick two complementary paint colors and use them to paint colorblocked pumpkins. Paint several pumpkins and switch things by switching the top and bottom color.
  8. Stamped Pumpkin – Use stamps or acrylic stencils available at craft stores to create intricate patterns.
  9. Lace Doily Pumpkin – Either decoupage paper doilies on your pumpkins or use them as a stencil for spray painting on a delicate pattern.
  10. Glow in the Dark – Use glow in the dark pumpkin for a spooky effect.
  11. Pom Pom Polka Dot Pumpkin – For a bit of whimsy try hot gluing on colorful fabric pom poms.
  12. Spider Web Thumbtack Pumpkin – Create a spider web effect with silver, black, or white metal thumbtacks.
  13. Yarn-Wrapped Pumpkin – If you have a yarn stash, use some of your yarn to create yarn-wrapped pumpkins.
  14. Lacy Pumpkin – Wrap your pumpkin in black lace fabric, which you tie up with ribbon.
  15. Goofy Mummy Pumpkin – Finally create a goofy mummy by wrapping your pumpkin in toilet paper and adding googly eyes.

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