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15 Sensationally Sustainable Gift Ideas Under $25

Go green this season with these sustainable gift ideas without spending too much of your green.

15 Sustainable Gifts Under $15

Are you still working on crossing off names on your holiday gift list? We have got you covered with a list of sustainable gift ideas for everyone on your list this season. Make a difference with your dollars--without breaking the bank--this season by choosing practical and usable sustainable gifts.

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Sustainable Gift Ideas Under $25

Rose Gold Straws

1. Ever Eco 4-Pack Rose Gold Straws - Seems like everyone is getting onboard with eschewing plastic straws. Kick things up a notch by gifting these premium stainless steel drinking straws for extra fun. They're perfect for your morning smoothies, juices, iced coffee or even to take on the go to your favorite coffee shop or juice bar. Set of 4 for $19


2. Recycled Socks - Who among us does not appreciate a gift of warm, soft socks? These mismatched crew socks from Solmate are made from recycled cotton yarn. $19.50


3. Herb Kit - Not only are store bought herbs expensive, but they also contribute a fair amount of plastic to the waste stream. DIY kitchen herb kits are a great gift for the green thumb chef. $16.95


4. Dryer Balls - Wool dryer balls are a great alternative to dryer sheets full of chemicals and are perfect for the family looking to reduce their household exposure to unnecessary chemicals. $16.99

Produce Bags

5. Ever Eco 4-Pack Organic Cotton Net Produce Bags  - Ever been food shopping and wished there was an alternative to those single-use plastic produce bags? These reusable produce bags to the rescue. They also make a super thoughtful and practical gift. Fill them with some fresh citrus fruits for a special gift. $20


6. Pollinator Hotel - Made from pine, bamboo and pine cones, this pollinator hotel is perfect for the nature lover. It provides a habitat for beneficial bees, ladybugs, butterflies, and more. $17.95


From the Organic Authority Files

7. Pour Over Coffee Maker - A pour over coffee maker is the perfect gift for the super caffeinated on your holiday list--and no wasteful pods are required. $19.95


8. Bamboo Utensils - Gift a more sustainable alternative to single-use cutlery like this handmade set made from bamboo finished with food-grade vegetable oil. $13


9. Lunch Bag - The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates food waste to between 30-40% and restaurants are among the largest offenders. Packing lunch is a greener choice. $12.99

Eco Lunch Box Anthropologie

10. Eco Lunchbox: Three-In-One - Pair the lunch bag with this handy eco-friendly lunchbox for bonus points. No plastic bags are necessary! $30


11. Recycled Glass Pitcher - Support the recyclables market by buying recycled glass goods. This handcrafted pitcher features a pretty green tint from the mix of 100% recycled glass from which it is made. $19.99


12. Organic Cotton Dishcloths - Pair these sustainable dishcloths with a holiday-scented, eco-friendly dish soap for the practical person on your list. $24.99


13. Kitchen Compost Bin - According to the EPA, as much as 20 percent of refuse headed to the landfill is made up of food waste. This small countertop compost bin is perfect for the composter on your gift list. $23.06


14. Reusable Wrap - Abeego Wraps, reusable beeswax wrap, makes for a smarter alternative to plastic wrap. $18 for 3 sheets.


15. Organic Cotton Napkins - Help your family go green by gifting organic cotton napkins, which is a healthier choice for the home and the environment. Makes sure to look for products that are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). $16 for a set of 4.

Note! This article contains affiliate links that are independently sourced and vetted by our editorial team which we may earn a commission on. We are here to help you navigate the overwhelming world of consumer products to source and uncover thoughtfully made, conscious clean products for you and your family.

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