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18 Mother’s Day Gifts to Make Mom Smile

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"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother." - Abraham Lincoln

You can ignore Christmas, you can skip Halloween and you can sit out New Year’s Eve – but you can never forget Mother’s Day. Sure, your mom would be happy with a big bouquet of flowers, a fancy dinner or a box of organic chocolate truffles, but why not get creative and give her something that will truly make her smile from the bottom of her heart? Spend some time and effort to present a Mother’s Day gift that is guaranteed to make mom smile.

1. Childhood Book that she used to read to you over and over before bedtime, with a handwritten note tucked inside the front cover.

2. Secret Recipe for your mom’s special brownies, meatloaf or dumplings, handwritten and set in a mat and framed nicely.

3. Canvas Photo Print of a beloved image, such as photos of the family, vacation or subject she loves. Choose one large print or do a collection of several smaller images that work well together.

4. Luxurious Linens in your mom’s favorite color, in either high-quality satin or the highest thread-count you can find.

5. E-Printer for wirelessly printing photos straight from her phone.

6. Spa Basket for an afternoon of pampering at home with a luxurious lotion, pretty new nail polish, face mask, hair mask and/or fashion magazines.

7. Maid Service for a thorough spring house cleaning from top to bottom, either a one-time deal or an ongoing treat.

8. Freezer Full of Ice Cream in your mom’s favorite flavors and then some; be sure to buy the expensive kind that she won’t ever buy herself.

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9. Love List of 100 reasons why you love your mom, handwritten on nice stationary. Or, write down 100 reasons why you are thankful for your mom, or 100 things that you learned from her.

10. Vintage Map (or reproduction) of the city, country or region where she grew up, matted and framed.

11. Tickets to an event she has never been to, such as the ballet or opera, baseball game, live music performance or local festival.

12. Photo Collage featuring pictures from a recent vacation or special event you spent together, or go one step further and create a shadowbox filled with mementos for her to treasure.

13. Poem written by you with funny rhymes about childhood experiences and current life, read in front of the family.

14. Classes at an adult-education center or community college for a subject she enjoys but has never formally studied, such as cooking Thai cuisine, furniture reupholstering, pottery, horseback riding or wine appreciation.

15. Craft supplies to promote her favorite hobby: yarn for a knitter, paint for an artist, special utensils for a cook, pretty shears for a gardener or scrapbooking accessories for a scrapbooker.

16. Terrarium created with plants native to her environment, lovingly arranged and set up to require minimal maintenance.

17. Calendar created from cherished family photos, using seasonally appropriate images for each month.

18. Plush bathrobe in her favorite color made out of a super-luxurious material, along with a pair of toasty house slippers as well.

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