23 DIY Repurpose Projects for Almost Anything: From Coffee Filters to Toilet Paper Tubes

How to repurpose anything.

From coffee filters and toilet paper tubes to old jeans and tires, no matter how much we try to reduce we’ve all got trash to recycle or send off to a landfill. Repurpose instead of throw out!

Turn that trash into treasure with these clever crafty diy projects for reusing everyday goods.

  1. T-shirt shag rug – don’t take those old t-shirts to the thrift store, instead repurpose them into a cool shag rug.
  2. Toilet paper owls – repurpose toilet paper tubes into adorable owls!
  3. Magazine bowl – magazines piling up in the recycling bin? Turn them into a coffee table bowl.
  4. Coffee filter garland – yes, there’s even a use for used coffee filters.
  5. Coffee can planters – and you can use coffee cans to make this fun outdoor planter.
  6. Pallet coffee table – this is a fabulous idea for repurposing ugly pallets into something new and useful.
  7. Library card catalog drawer planters – if you ever see old library card catalog drawers at a flea market, snap them up. They make great planters.
  8. Tennis racket mirrors– use old tennis rackets to create some clever decor.
  9. Closet ladder/shelf – have an old ladder that’s not being used and a need for for more hanging storage and shelving? This project solves both problems.
  10. Paper bag wrapped jar planter/vase – how incredibly crafty!
  11. Wine Cork bath mat – ever wonder what in the world to do with all those leftover wine bottle corks? Turn them into a bath mat, of course.
  12. Watering can plastic bottle – every spring finds me searching for my watering can, which always seem to disappear on me. Now, I have no need to buy another with this great idea.
  13. Tea tin herb planters – we drink a lot of Harney’s loose tea in my household. I use the tins for all sorts of things: button storage, to hold loose change and paintbrush holders among other uses. Now, I think I will use them to create my own herb garden.
  14. Baby food jar spice caddy – this is a really clever idea for reusing baby food jars. If you don’t have a baby, use Freecycle to source the jars.
  15. Plastic cap chandelier – not all plastic caps are recyclable in all areas. This is an ingenious idea to repurpose those caps.
  16. Recycled sweater market bag – one can never have enough reusable bags and there’s not much else that’s better than making your own.
  17. Beer cap mosaic floor – great idea for reusing those beer caps!
  18. Scalloped paper lantern – use paper destined for the recycling bin to decorate those Ikea paper lanterns.
  19. Adorkable owl from old soda bottle – love this idea and it would be a great project for kids!
  20. DIY recycled sweater pillows – have a favorite sweater that’s getting too worn to wear? Don’t take it to the thrift shop, turn it into a pillow.
  21. Old tire side table – this is one of the cleverest ideas for repurposing old tires I’ve ever seen.
  22. Beer cap fridge magnets – turn those beer caps into fridge magnets, because one can never have enough enough magnets!
  23. Woven denim placemats/rug/trivet – got old jeans you want to donate to the thrift shop? Keep them and turn them into usable home goods.

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