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3 Easy-to-Make DIY Candle Holders


Our blanket snuggling modes amp up to high as nights get colder and days become shorter. Now, you already know that spicy beeswax and soy candles are perfect snuggle inducers; much better (and greener) than everyday lighting (or paraffin wax). Make those room warming candles a tad more eye-catching by creating your own DIY candle holders. And no, creating a candle holder isn't difficult at all. Continue reading to see some easy, creative, DIY candle holder inspirations.

Wine Cork Candle Holder (Two Twenty One, Tip Junkie)

Yeah, this one is as easy as you think it is. Take a candle in a glass and set it inside a larger glass container. Surround the smaller container with wine corks. Done! Easy as opening a bottle of wine. Actually, it's way easier (unless that wine is a screw cap). A perfect centerpiece for any wino wine lover.

Grab from The Recycling Bin

You spend a lot of your valuable time cleaning dirty glasses just to discard and recycle. Why not save a few of the unique glasses (think jam containers, mason jars, strange liquor or perfume bottles) and place a tea candle inside the glass? Recycled glass containers are perfect candle holders for most small candles, and make awesome tea candle holders.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Cake Stand to Candle Holder

A perfect idea for any pastry lover. You know those cute little pastry and cake display cases you've been hoarding from your local antique shop? We've got a use for your excess supply. (Really, when are you ever going to make ten cakes in a day?) Place a thick-based candle in the center of the cake stand and voila! A candle holder is born. The more candles you burn down, the more interesting the wax patterns become. Just make sure to place an old, decorative plate under the stand to catch the extra wax.

Tired of buying candle after candle? Yeah. We understand. The following websites have easy-to-follow instructions on how to make your own natural, green candles:

The Farmers' Almanac: How to make beeswax candles
Care2: How to make safe candles yourself


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