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4 Ways to Wrap Your Gifts Greenly


The first thing that pops to mind when ruminating over eco-friendly gift wrap tends to be last week’s comic section. And while we're not saying this can't be executed to cute and even classy effect, there are other, more elegant ways to wrap gifts that you might consider this season - and of course in keeping with a green line of action. 

Save up brown paper shopping bags. It's often in simplicity that we find the most elegance. Cut up any brown paper bags you may have collected (on those days you forgot your reusable) and wrap your gift. Then add a fancy bow or a miniature ornament. You can also use recycled computer paper that you may have lying around. Check out these adorable handmade paper bows and gift tags from greenearthgoodies on Etsy.

Wrap your gift… with another gift! Giving your friend a pair of earrings? Buy a scarf to match, and wrap the jewelry inside. Once they’ve opened it, they’ll realize they actually have two gifts. Another great idea is to buy someone a new purse to “wrap” the make-up you purchased. Nothing goes to waste!

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From the Organic Authority Files

Stock up on reusable shopping bags. Many stores offer holiday-themed bags, sometimes just too cute to pass on. With a nice gift tag, they're indistinguishable from a store-bought gift bag and won't be collecting dust in your closet. 

Use dish cloths, wash cloths, or cloth napkins. This can be extra special, especially if it becomes part of the gift’s “theme.” For example, a dish cloth is fun wrapping for kitchen-related items, and a wash cloth for baby or bed and bath gifts. You may be surprised how many cute cloths abound. Check out the Etsy shop Made in the Red Barn for a wide array of “un-paper” towels and napkins.


Photo Credits: lisaclarke and greenearthgoodies

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