4 Self-Watering Planters That Will Keep Your Garden Alive Without You

Self-watering planters are helpful to have.

Self-watering planters are nice to have all year, but they can be a “plant-saver” during the summer. If you’re looking to invest in (or create) a few planters for your more water-sensitive plants, but don’t know where to start, let us help.

While these self-watering planters are diverse, all of them will keep your plants hydrated.

1. The DIY Self-Watering Planter

There are so many DIY self-watering planter tutorials out there, we couldn’t pick just one. We’ve never gotten any bad advice from Mother Earth News, so we feel confident linking to the magazine’s in-depth planter tutorial.

And while all DIY planters take time and money to build, not every tutorial is lengthy. And that’s why we’re fans of this super-simple DIY planter tutorial from Instructables. All you need to make this planter is a pot, wick, pipe, and a barrier, as well as rocks and soil.

2. The Affordable Self-Watering Planter

This crazy, cool planter suggestion comes from Treehugger. The Plant Nanny is a hollow, terra cotta spike. All you have to do is put the spike in your plant’s soil, place a wine bottle full of water in the spike, and the Nanny works its magic: “it will hold an upside down wine bottle filled with water upright, and then, as the soil around it dries, it slowly allows the water to seep out through the terra cotta spike and replenish the root zone,” reports Treehugger. The Plant Nanny comes with four spikes per set and is priced at $18.15.

3. The Well-Known Self-Watering Planter

EarthBox is a well-known product that is notoriously reliable. It’s a great buy for the traditional gardener that has one-too-many garden beds, or for the gardener who can only grow in a container because they have no yard. While the EarthBox has many important components (a fertilizer strip, staking system, aeration screen, and more), its self-watering properties are what we’re praising today. It contains a water reservoir that waters plants automatically and an overflow hole so that you will never over-water your plants.

4. Indoor/Outdoor Self-Watering Planter

The Algreen Windowsill Planter is a frost-proof and UV resistant planter. And while it can handle all sorts of weather, it will work inside and out. Just like all the other planters listed here, it has self-watering capabilities.

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