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5 Reusable Shopping Bag Styles You'll Love

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By now, any environmentalist worth her organic oranges shops with reusable bags -- but no matter how much you love your grocery store, if you're going to commit to carrying the same bag for years on end, you might not be totally psyched about using one with a big logo on it. Instead, why not invest in something a little more stylish -- something you'll be proud to carry, and less likely to "forget" the next time you head to the farmer's market? Here's a roundup of bags so useful and good lookin', you'll grab them every time you leave the house.

1. The Uber Chic: Envirosax

Envirosax bills itself as "the original designer reusable bag," but that tagline doesn't translate to higher prices -- in fact, it's one of the more affordable bags out there. With ever-changing designs in a range of vegetable-ink prints, Envirosax' natural-fiber bags will actually make you feel on-trend. They've even got an organic series made from bamboo, linen and hemp. 

2. The Urban Utilitarian: Flip and Tumble

Flip and Tumble's brightly-colored bags are all about the function. Bags compact into a small pouch (the size of a peach and much lighter) that you can tuck in to your purse or toss in the glove compartment so you never forget them. If you've been using reusables for a while, this is big news: Remembering them is always half the battle, right? These bags are nylon, can hold up to 35 pounds and come in a variety of solid colors.

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3. The Statement: Bazura and Gecko

Bazura Bags and Gecko Traders both produce unique, artsy and totally recycled bags made out of juice packs and rice bags, respectively. Both lines are made by women's co-ops in Asia, and no two bags are ever alike. The price is a bit higher, but each bag supports not just the environment, but women's rights.

4. The Original: Etsy

Want to support individual craftsmanship with your own handmade, one-of-a-kind bag? Shop Etsy for an ever-changing selection of reusable bags in all sizes, materials and price ranges. You're almost guaranteed to find exactly what you're looking for -- and plenty of other unique kitchen accessories too.

5. The Cheap-As-Free: Do It Yourself!

Got an old t-shirt you rarely wear? Turn it into a reusable bag with a couple of quick seams. Just cut off the sleeves and neck, then sew the bottom hems together with boxed corners. Five minutes later, you're on your way to the store with a stylish new bag in hand! Or try out these other fantastic DIY reusable bag ideas.

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