5 Ways to Clean Your Home With (Yes) Vodka

Vodka doesn’t just make other people look better; it can make your home look better too. No cocktails required. This handy alcohol can work cleaning wonders all around the home.

I hear your concerns. You’d probably much rather sip organic vodka in a tasty Bloody Mary than use it to scrub grime off your tile floors. I get it, but cleaning your home with vodka doesn’t require using the good stuff. Buy a big ol’ bottle of the cheap variety. You know. The kind you downed in college. The vodka that burns all the way down—and then some—will easily destroy grungy trouble spots around your home. Of course, grabbing an organic bottle is even better. Try these five ways to get your home vodka tonic-fresh.

1. Kill mold and mildew

Eliminate nasty mold and mildew in your bathroom using vodka. Fill a spray bottle with the bottom-shelf stuff and spritz it on all problem areas. Let it work its vodka magic for about 10 minutes, then scrub away the musty gunk using a rag or sponge.

2. Clean glass

Give all of the glass surfaces in your home (windows, mirrors, glass coffee tables) a spotless shine. Use a spray bottle to squirt a mist of vodka onto the glass surface. Buff the glass with a bunched up newspaper and watch all fingerprint smudges and other stains disappear to a streak-free gleam.

Before pouring some friends a round of martinis dab a small amount of your cheap vodka on a cloth and use it to polish away water stains from glasses. Then fill ‘er up with the tasty stuff.

3. Freshen clothes

Uh oh. You want to wear your favorite shirt, but that bar you had drinks at the other night left it smelling a bit pungent. Never fear. Use vodka to remove odors without tossing anything in the wash. Mist the garment with diluted vodka using a spray bottle. The liquor will eliminate any musty odors and won’t leave a scent once it dries. Vodka works like Febreeze, minus the nasty chemicals. Spray it on upholstery, curtains and rugs to destroy odors. You can also use vodka to remove stains. Wow: This booze is even better than you thought!

4. Remove residue and adhesives

Ever wasted too many minutes of your life futilely trying to remove sticky adhesives from price tags, product labels and stickers? Get rid of the stubborn gunk forever by drenching the gummy substance in vodka. Let it sit for a few minutes, then use a bit of elbow grease to scrub away the goo.

5. Clean fixtures

In the same way that vodka shines glass, it will return your chrome and porcelain fixtures to their original luster. Apply a small amount of this handy booze to a cloth, just enough to dampen it. Then get to work, polishing all of the handles, faucets and knobs around your home.

Now, why not reward yourself for all that cleaning with a vodka-infused cocktail? Go ahead, be a bit heavy handed.

image: DandyDanny