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6 Types of Melon to Grow and Eat this Summer: Let the Melon Mania Begin!

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6 Types of Melon to Grow and Eat this Summer: Let the Melon Mania Begin!

Melons are delicious, juicy and full of vitamins that keep you refreshed and hydrated throughout the hot summer season. We love the numerous types of melon from the traditional favorites like watermelon and honeydew, to lesser known ones such as crenshaw and ambrosia. Check out our favorite types of melon to grown and enjoy during the melon mania season!

1. Cantaloupe

An American favorite, the rough, green skin of this melon variety protects the sweet, succulent and aromatic flesh inside. We love the Amish heirloom variety of this muskmelon (aptly named for its aroma) which displays the rough skin, as well as the more rare Noir des Carmes heirloom cantaloupe that has a smooth skin that looks almost black.

2. Casaba

This is the perfect melon to grow if you live in a colder climate, or if you live in a warmer climate and want to squeeze in a melon planting before the shorter days set in. The Sungold variety is perfect for northern states, and has gorgeous golden skin that encases silky, white-green flesh.

3. Crenshaw

Another traditional melon, the crenshaw is hard to beat when it comes to flavor. A new favorite of ours is the Crenshaw Bianco, which displays a white round with beautiful, coral colored flesh. We also like the Sweet Freckles variety, which has light green flesh dotted with darker green freckles, and at 1-3 pounds is often half to a third of the size of regular crenshaws.

4. Honeydew

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Loved and enjoyed by many, the honeydew is the quintessential melon. Try the heirloom variety Honeydew Orange Flesh, or perhaps you want to go for a fun hybrid like the Snow Leopard, which has white, creamy skin mottled with green.

5. Tendral Verde Tardif

A Europena heirloom, this richly flavored and incredibly juicy melon is rather unique with it's white flesh that is covered by dark green skin similar to that of a traditional watermelon. We love the oblong shape as well!

6. Watermelon

This list would of course not be complete without watermelons! If you're a fan of this pink fruit, go for Iowan heirloom variety of Chris Cross, which comes in sizes ranging from 15-20 lbs. and displays the familiar pink flesh with stripey, dark green skin. For something a little different, try the Tendersweet Orange, a 30-50 lb. orange flesh variety, or the Sweet Siberian with yellow flesh that matures at 8-10 lbs.

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