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6 Ways to Achieve Simpler Living

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Have you stopped going out with friends to work extra hours? Have you caught yourself muttering clichés like this: “Ugh. There aren’t enough hours in the day.” Well, maybe you need to embrace simpler living. Make simple, small changes everyday to help remove clutter from your surroundings, decrease stress and boost your well-being.

1. Go TV-free

Do you really like having cable or Dish? Do you need to see shows when they air live? Try quitting your television service for a few months. The extra time you gain during the day may help you feel less rushed. And while it's relaxing to crash on a couch and veg out, it's not necessarily the best way to relax. Instead: cook a nourishing meal, or go out and check out a new art gallery in town. And even if you do end up keeping cable, you will have at least saved a bit of cash.

2. Ditch the car, and consider biking or walking

If you rarely use your car, why not sell it and invest the cash, or donate it? If you work near your home, walk or bike! The exercise and time alone will give you time to gather your thoughts, and get a bit of exercise. Also consider using public transportation or carpooling. Meeting new people is always interesting. And even if you don't meet any new souls, you can observe humanity (you'll simply see you're not as nutty as you previously thought.)

3. Save money

Worried about cutting work hours? A simple solution: try and cut back spending where and when you can. Consider cooking at home more and don't mess with the thermostat (keep it at 68 degrees and put on that extra sweater). Save the cash you hold back and put it toward retirement or a weekend getaway.

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4. Eat local

Farmers’ markets are incredibly fun to visit. Local farmers also need support. Food in conventional stores is typically trucked-in from far away. Also consider growing your own food. Plant tending is very relaxing and many plants, veggies, and herbs will easily grow in containers. Also: a simple way to know what you're putting into your body: grow your own food!

5. Throw away clutter

Sell what you don’t need. Getting rid of extra baggage and simplifying your living space can be therapeutic and calming. Make your home a warm, welcoming place that’s only full of the essentials.

6. Reconnect

Go outside! Even if it’s freezing. Getting a bit of sunlight everyday is important. Taking the time to greet the sun every morning or sending it off every night is fun and it's a simple way to keep your mind grounded (nature has a way of making problems seem smaller.) Try going for a small walk, or take your daily run outside a few days every week -- the treadmill won’t miss you.


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