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9 Cat Furniture Solutions You and Your Cat Can Love

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Cat furniture solutions.

We have all heard the saying “you can have nice things or you can have kids or pets” and while it seems to ring true, it is possible to have nice things and a cat (kids, not so much!). Now, I am not going to lie, some cats are going to be a challenge no matter what. Older rescue cats, those with illnesses or behavioral issues can make it more difficult, but we love them anyway, right? But for those of you with healthy and well-adjusted cats (and especially cats who have been a part of your family since kittenhood), it is possible to have a home of which you can be proud. It's all about the cat furniture choices you make.

One of the keys to making a cat happy is to have cat furniture that provides them with hiding places, spaces that are exclusively for them, high-up perches, a private and tucked-away litter area and acceptable places for them to scratch.

Since cats only seem to be growing in popularity, they are the super stars of the Internet after all, there are all kinds of nifty cat furniture pieces out in the marketplace that your cat will love and that you won’t mind being in the living room.

9 Cat Furniture Solutions You and Kitty Will Love

  1. CATable - This desk/table design would be irresistible to cats with its cubbyholes and nooks. Of course, you would have to not mind your cat poking around on your laptop while you are trying to work.
  2. Kitty Perch - Who needs bookshelves or art on their walls? Display your cat instead with this curved and comfy cat perch.
  3. Cat Bed Rocking Chair - Rock your cat to sleep with this ingenious design. Just watch kitty’s tail.
  4. Indoor Pet House - Give kitty a homebase inside your home.
  5. Cat Bed Planter - Add plants to your home and provide your cat with a hangout spot. Bonus points if you plant catnip.
  6. Hammock Coffee Table - This awesome cat furniture design gives your cat a comfy spot to sleep that it not ON the coffee table! That a win-win.
  7. Grass Table - Love this clever design for a table with a grass runner.
  8. Mid-Century Modern Kitty Litter Cabinet - Hide the litter box away in the coolest way possible with this refurbished mid-century cabinet.
  9. Bent Wood Modern Cat Scratcher - Finally, a cat scratcher that you and your cat can be happy with.
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