9 More Halloween Costumes for People Who Don’t Do Costumes

Easy Halloween costumes for people who don't like costumes.

Need Halloween costume ideas, but you aren’t that into Halloween costumes? Read on for some super easy costume ideas that will satisfy your friends, family, and coworkers, but require almost zero effort–and no wings or elaborately gross face makeup either.

Some of us just aren’t into Halloween. We just aren’t. But, we are surrounded by friends and family who are Seriously. Into. Halloween. I know it is difficult to believe for those who go crazy over Halloween, but some of us just don’t like costumes. But these well-meaning friends drag us non-Halloween types along to every Halloween party and demand that we wear a costume to every single one–and even that we wear a costume while handing out candy. That means finding Halloween costumes. Ugh.

The perfect solution is to put a costume together that, while technically qualifies as a costume, keeps you wearing mostly regular clothes and only requires the addition of a cape, glasses, or ears. Basically, a costume you can throw on in about 2 minutes. Here are some easy Halloween costumes to get you inspired.

More Easy Halloween Costumes for People Who Don’t Do Costumes

  1. Tourist – A Hawaiian print shirt paired with a camera around your neck should be enough to get the point across. Wear sandals with socks for extra points.
  2. Harry Potter (or Any Student from Hogwarts) – Wear whatever the hell you feel like, but add a cape and round wire-frame glasses. If you want to be an overachiever with this costume, add a striped scarf.
  3. JFK to Jimmy Fallon – This one is super easy. Wear a suit with a skinny black tie and you could be anyone from JFK to Jimmy Fallon.
  4. Henri, le Chat Noir – Wear all black and add some store-bought cat ears you can pick up on the way to the party. Voila, you are Henri, the Internet famous existentialist cat from Canada.
  5. Yoga Instructor – Feel like wearing yoga pants to the party? Do it! Pair with a yoga mat and you can either be the yoga instructor or yoga student.
  6. Organic Farmer – If you own a pair of bib overalls, you could pull off an organic farmer. Wear your overalls, throw on a straw hat, and carry a zucchini. It’s that easy.
  7. Future You – Be future you by wearing the outfit you plan on wearing Monday at work.
  8. Batdad – Pick up a Batman mask. Wear it. You are Batdad, the goofy dad who makes all those Batdad videos.
  9. Rockabilly Dude or Chick – Wear rolled up blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and either a leather jacket or a blue-jean jacket. Add a bandana to your hair or your back pocket and you’re done.

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