9 Surprisingly Chic Popsicle Stick Crafts for Grown-Ups

Popsicle stick chandelier

When I think back to public school, I think macaroni, white glue, glitter, and popsicle stick crafts. My parents tried really hard to be enthusiastic when I’d bring home yet another box or picture frame that clashed with – well, everything. Regardless, they were so fun to make I’ve been itching for some grown-up popsicle stick crafts to take for a spin.

Here are 9 popsicle stick crafts for grown-ups that won’t terrify your sig-o:

1. End Table

Image: Craig Wall for Home Life

Popsicle stick chandelier

If you’d like to amp up your home decor but are on a tight budget, why not try your hand at this Moroccan-inspired end table from Tamara Maynes of Home Life? Swap the MDF board for a slab of repurposed wood and the spray paint for eco-friendly paint, and get ready to wow your guests! [ source ]

2. Trivets

Image: Harmonic Mama

Popsicle stick chandelier

While trivets are an important kitchen staple, I’ve yet to find a style I like: They’re either too cutesy or too industrial. Out of all the popsicle stick crafts, this trivet DIY is the one I’m most excited to try. (If you were to paint the popsicle sticks, I’m thinking it would also make for unique wall art. [ source ]

3. Mini Pallet Coasters

Image: Cooking Like Lou

Popsicle stick chandelier

Seriously, how adorable are these? All you need to make these mini pallet coasters are (surprise!) popsicle sticks, scissors, glue, wood stain, a sponge brush and cloth. (And if you think these are cute, then check out these mini pallet fridge magnets. Say it with me: “Awww!”) [ source ]

4. Wall Clock

Image: Hip House Girl

Popsicle stick chandelier

This minimalist DIY clock by Hip House Girl is very mod and barely takes any time to make (no pun intended). Best of all, you can paint it to match any decor. [ source ]

5. Gift Tags

Image: A Little Hut

Popsicle stick chandelier

Give your gifts an added personal touch by making these popsicle stick gift tags. Each gift tag uses three popsicle sticks: One for a “to” message, one for “from,” and one for a personal note based on the occasion. [ source ]

6. Date Night Jar

Image: Life in the Green House

Popsicle stick chandelier

Here is how my date nights used to go:

Me: “What do you wanna do?”
Boyfriend: “I don’t know. What do you wanna do?”

The end.

Don’t follow in my incredibly unimaginative footsteps: Instead, make a Date Night Jar for you and your beau. Google date night ideas, decorate a mason jar and write each idea on a popsicle stick. Stuff that baby with as many date night ideas as possible. When the big night comes, the only decision you’ll have to make is who’s going to pick one. [ source ]

7. Candle Holder

Image: homedeco2u

Popsicle stick chandelier

This candle holder from homedeco2u is pretty groovy, though I can imagine the amount of patience it takes to make it. Make sure you get into a zen-like state before taking the plunge. [ source ]

8. Vase

Image: The Cheese Thief

Popsicle stick chandelier

What I love about this vase tutorial from The Cheese Thief is how versatile it is: When you get tired of the way the vase looks, simply shift the popsicle sticks into a new pattern! [ source ]

9. Chandelier

Image: Bored & Crafty

Popsicle stick chandelier

Out of all the popsicle stick crafts in all the land, this chandelier is definitely the most impressive. Who knew popsicle sticks were so versatile? [ source ]

Have popsicle stick crafts made a comeback in your home?

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