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13 Cleaning Hacks: How to Clean Fast and Get Back to Life

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While we all know how to clean – and we all have different ways of doing so – one thing's for certain: It takes up too much time! I constantly struggle with an “all or nothing” mindset - I want to clean my home thoroughly or not at all... but then I think about how uber-gross that would be and suck it up.

How to clean faster is becoming quite the art form, and one I can’t help but support. Here’s how to clean your home quickly without sacrificing quality:

1. Take your shopping list to the next level

My kitchen’s always been my nemesis: It’s such a tiny space, yet fills with clutter and takes longer to clean than the rest of my apartment put together. Now, when I make my weekly shopping list, I do a clean sweep of the kitchen, getting rid of expired products and putting everything back in its place.

2. Do dishes daily

Do your dishes before bed, and let them dry overnight. Put them away when your coffee’s brewing in the a.m.

3. Toss mail daily

The second you check the mail, sort out your bills, recycle your junk mail, and put away your magazines.

4. Wipe spills immediately

If you see a ring on your counter or drip marks in your fridge, annihilate them, stat.

5. Keep cleaning supplies in easy reach

Instead of having a specific area of your home dedicated to cleaning supplies, designate them to each room for easy access. As you’re waiting for your food to cook you can grab a cloth and wipe down your kitchen counters, or dust your bathroom as you’re brushing your teeth.

6. Haul ass during commercials

While you’re watching your favorite shows, use the commercial breaks to put away odds and ends, dust surfaces, and finish the bits of cleaning you normally don’t have time for.

7. Use all-purpose cleaners

One of the best ways to simplify your cleaning process is switching to all-purpose cleaners that can be used for multiple rooms and surfaces.

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8. Presort laundry

Purchase a laundry cart with multiple sections so your laundry is always sorted out in advance.

9. Clean during phone calls

My family’s spread out all over the place, so by the end of our conversations my voice has disappeared and my tongue is stuck to the roof of my mouth (I wish I was joking). I now wear a headset so I can catch up with the fam while catching up on my cleaning.

10. Focus on one type of cleaning at a time

I used to clean one room at a time, but now I tackle specific types of cleaning all in one shot. For example, I dust my entire apartment in one cleaning session. The same goes for vacuuming. It keeps my mind focused on a specific cleaning "mode" and I not only clean faster, but more thoroughly.

11. Use your vacuum for all surfaces

Nix the broom! Vacuums have bare floor settings too – use them.

12. Minimize what you own

A year ago, I went through this huge purging process: I sorted through everything I owned and pared my belongings down to what I actually use. By the time I was done decluttering, it looked like I’d been robbed! But I also shaved 7,324 hours of cleaning off of my future.

13. Make your bed

It just feels good.

What tips have you learned on how to clean faster that have made a huge difference in your life?

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