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Since the advent of modern publishing, beginning with glossy magazines, migrating to digital, and popping up anew in the slick era of 24/7 social-mobile, there has been content “for women.”

You know, for the gals.

This pinkified sphere of service journalism has often been little more than marketing (see: the origins of the term “soapbox”), occasionally boomeranged to the sexually liberated (Cosmopolitan), and circled back again (and again, and again).

At its core, publishing for women has been zealously committed to selling perfection: How to be beautiful and thin, how to maintain a well-appointed, well-organized home, how to host the best dinner party. How to, how to, how to.

The dark side of this, as we know, tells us we are never quite perfect enough. In the watered-down offerings in such a world, we find scare tactics aplenty and science and authenticity in short supply. Pandering, patronizing, plain old negging? It’s a heavily fragranced hooha-steaming minefield out there.

We don’t believe living the life you choose requires becoming some sort of political reactionary. We just know we’re beyond bored with reading “content” at the level of a ten-year-old (no offense to ten-year-olds).

Service is a nuanced word; it’s an important word. We believe that the last century of “service journalism” for women has been anything but. While our purview at Organic Authority is focused on the intersection of progressive wellness, curiosity, conscious living, and personal growth, we do have a point of view.

And it’s this:

Pink is over.

Jade eggs and feminine washes and blue dye in tampon ads are over.

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From the Organic Authority Files

“30 Ways to Keep Him Interested in You” paired with “16 Ways to Stay the Same Size You Were at 16” next to “11 Ways to Stay Calm and Smiling in Late Stage Capitalism” are over.

If women’s media companies have one thing to tell us, it’s that there’s just so much to do as a woman. News flash: We are never doing enough of it.

And if wellness companies have one thing to tell us, it’s that we are never going to be good enough. We’re the fixer-upper sex. We’re apparently mind-bogglingly unhealthy, always in need of another trendy diet tip (it’s truly a mystery how we live longer than men).

So we have this to say, too:

No-calorie “noodles” and obsessive compulsive cleanses and nightshade avoidance? Over.

Processed food isn’t food. Juice is delicious, but cleanse obsession is just that: obsession. And when we find ourselves seriously discussing whether vegetables like tomatoes and eggplants are healthy or not (barring food sensitivities), it’s time to laugh, because the women’s wellness industrial complex has struck again!

We’re for science. Authenticity. We’re for saying no to shame of any stripe. We’re for you.

Wellness and organic are naturally inseparable partners. We aim to celebrate this, and to continue to share why we believe a progressive life is the best life.

We just won’t be powdering our placentas while we live it.

Catch Founder Laura Klein’s recent statement about OA’s new direction here.

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