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How to Make Potpourri In Three Easy Steps

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Store-bought fragrances will become a thing of the past once you know how to make potpourri. And you'll be keeping organic waste out of the landfill!

How to Make Potpourri in Three Easy Steps

1. Pick Your Ingredients

When it comes to potpourri, the rules are simple: follow your nose. If fragrances smell good together, it probably will make a good combo! When learning how to make potpourri, it's always best to choose from ingredients that are naturally in season together, like tree nuts, bark, leaves and pine cones you collect outside. Add some choice kitchen scraps, like citrus peels, spices and flower petals, and you're well on your way!

If you need inspiration, try some of these tested-and-approved combinations to get you started!

2. Dry Them Out

The word potpourri comes from the French pot pourri, or rotten pot. But you don't want your potpourri to truly turn rotten, which is why you need to dry out the elements that are damp, like fruits and petals. To do this, either sandwich your materials between several layers of paper towels and microwave them, or bake them on a baking sheet at a low temperature until dry. Then set them in a dry place for up to three days until completely dried out, before continuing.

This process may seem long, but just baking the elements will have your house smelling magical. And never fear... the final product will soon be within your reach!

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3. Blend and Store

Combine your elements, being sure to bruise them slightly with your fingers to help release the fragrant oils. Place them in a lidded jar and allow the scents to combine for at least two weeks, and up to a month.

Once finished, your homemade potpourri can either be set out in a decorative bowl or placed in a saucepan of simmering water (a medium spoonful will be enough). The second variation is best when trying to eradicate strong smells. The former is great as both a decoration and all-natural, organic way to make your home smell fresher every day.

What's your favorite scent of potpourri? Tell us in the comments!

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