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Earth Day Roundup

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Earth Day is here! This is the time of the year that we look back and reflect on some of the decisions we have made, and learn how to make simple changes that can make the world a more sustainable place in the future. We have gathered five great articles that can make it easy and fun to make your life greener, and why you don't need paper towels or plastic bags to clean or carry. Make a vow to do something different this year and tell us your #EDResolution on Twitter or Facebook! Additionally, the Nature Conservancy has given us their Top 5 Earth Day Action List: Eat Smart, Eat Local, Eat Sustainably, Eat Green, and how to Picnic for the Planet! Go green!


How To Live Without Paper Towels

Oh the simplicity of ripping off a paper towel square, swiping up a mess and tossing the whole glob into the trash.

The ease of the paper towel can quickly overpower your eco-conscience until you unthinkingly grab for one after every little spill. Suddenly you're creating mini mountains of used paper towels in your trash can after every dusting session or bathroom cleaning. Read how to live without paper towels


An Eco Chic Earth Day Party

Historically, there have been some pretty bizarre party themes. “A Redneck Birthday,” “A Pimpin’ Christmas” and even an “Anything But Clothes” party has been thrown. But one event that people don’t always think to celebrate with a party - creatively, nonetheless - is Earth Day.

That’s about to change. We’ve put together five rockin’ ways to save the planet, all while hosting a killer party. Complete with food, drink and even a fashion show, these party themes leave no excuse to skip Earth Day… and leave you counting down the days until your next party. Read how to throw and Eco Chic Earth Day Party.

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From the Organic Authority Files


Worm Composting

Laura made a great video on how to start your own worm compostat home! Many people might think this is gross, but it's really not. It's actually really cool seeing all those worms go to town on your compost. When Laura started composting years ago she reduced their trash output by three quarters of its normal size. And your garden will love you for the worm tea! Read about how to worm compost at home!


Earth Day: Does Planting A Tree Really Make A Difference?

As Earth Day nears, questions often arise about what actions really have an impact. Does planting a tree really make a difference? The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF) thinks so. Their mission is simple: Plant fruit trees for a healthy planet. Fruit trees clean the air, water and soil; they provide healthy, nutritious food, shade, and encourage communities to work together much like the thriving ecosystems found in fruit tree orchards. Read more about planting a tree for Earth Day. 


How to Live Without Plastic Bags

In a plastic-dominated world, it’s hard to imagine doing everyday tasks completely plastic-bag free. But you can do it! And the environment will thank you for it.

Plastic bags are incredibly harmful to the environment: One plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years to degrade and remains toxic even after it breaks down, according to, a company that sells reusable bags and educates consumers on how to live plastic-free. Read more about how to really live without plastic bags. It can be done!

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