Glamping: Glamour Camping [How to Camp and Still Look Good]

With warmer weather and an upswing in energy, spring is the perfect season to load up the car, pop up the tent and sleep under the stars in Mother Nature’s arms. Whether you are hiking in the mountains, taking the family to the lake or attending an outdoor music festival by a national park, camping is an inexpensive and enjoyable way to bond with your friends and family.

However, when you can’t shower for three days and your skin is covered with a thin film of dirt, feeling gorgeous and looking hot takes a little creativity. You don’t have to sacrifice looking good for time spent in the wilderness; you just have to adjust your normal beauty routine to better fit in the Great Outdoors.

1.  Consider your environment. You may be the prettiest woman on the campout but if you are dressed inappropriately for the weather, you will always look stupid – and that is not a good style for anyone. If you are going to the desert, bring sunblock (to learn how to choose the healthy stuff see’s Suncreen Guide) and sunglasses. To the mountains? Warm socks, gloves and a hat for chilly nights. If you are unsure of the climate and weather where you are headed, find out. Don’t be the one in flip-flops trudging through the snow.

2.  Consider your hair. Normally you might wash your hair every day or every other day, but this is not an option when camping. If you have long hair and wear it down the first day, it will get dirty faster. Take extra rubber bands and start the trip off with your hair pulled back to keep it cleaner, longer. Those with oily hair should try a dry shampoo, and remember; bandannas and braids are the camping girl’s friend.

3. Swimming? If there is a lake or river where you are heading, bring some waterproof mascara (look for the eco-friendly and healthy versions, you don’t want to buy the conventional brands, they can be full of chemicals). Impromptu dips are common in camping, and you don’t want your makeup running down your face in long black streaks when everyone decides to jump in the lake. Or just skip it alltogether. 

4. Downsize your makeup regimen. You don’t need eye cream, moisturizer, lotion and hand cream on a campout. A tinted moisturizer with sunblock provides coverage and protects you from the sun, and colored lip-gloss goes a long way as well (remember to choose the healthy chemical free versions. Need help? Check out’s Skin Deep’s Cosmetics Database).

5. Shoes are important. In fact, when traveling or camping, shoes are the most important item in your bag. Never wear new shoes on a campout, and if you will be river wading, a pair of waterproof sandals like Tevas or Keens are essential. Also pack a pair of comfy shoes like flip-flops or sneakers (weather depending) to wear when relaxing back at the campsite.

6.  Plan your outfits. It sounds a little organized for the outdoors, but this is not the time to throw a bunch of random clothing items in a bag and sort it out later. You don’t want to carry (literally) anything you don’t need, but rather the minimum. Plan on wearing shirts and pants more than once. One thing not to skimp on? Clean socks and underwear – bring extra.

7. It’s okay to be weird. When you are camping, normal fashion rules of the world do not apply and you can get away with a more eccentric style – so embrace it! Braid your hair in five pieces and pile it on top of your head, use a bright orange rain suit, wear a bikini as a shirt or finally rock that fuzzy purple jacket you can’t wear anywhere else. Have fun with your camping style!

9. Smell fresh. Just because you can’t shower doesn’t mean you have to smell like a hippie. A reusable wash cloth and a little soap and water goes a long way and are are great for cat baths (cleaning under arms, hands, feet and privates) and layer on that healthy deodorant. Finally, spritz yourself with a light and healthy body spray, like rose water (no stinky chemical perfumes!) or try a few drops of essential oil in a water sprayer for a fast freshening mist.

10. Finally, don’t worry about your looks. One of the great things about camping is that you are removed from your daily frets and worries, and this includes, “Is my lipstick smeared?” Pairing down to a minimal makeup and hair regimen is essential for enjoying your time camping, and also gives you more time to loll in that river or dine around the campfire telling stories. Leave the giant bag at home, throw on a bandanna and you’ve got glamping down!

image: Marina(im.back)