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5 Chapters to a Cozy Reading Spot


When chilly winter weather arrives, we tend to go into semi-hibernation, avoiding the outdoors and sticking to the warmth of our homes. What's the bright side to not being able to do your favorite outdoor activities? Winter offers up plenty of time to snuggle in and read a good book.

Before you dig into that latest bestseller or a read-it-20-times classic, you need to craft the perfect space to cozy up with your new book. Create the ultimate reading escape in your home with these five easy steps.

1. Choose a Location

In order to get lost in a good book, you need to choose the right space for reading. You can’t do that if your nose is a chillin’. Find a non-drafty spot in a room that you love. Keep in mind that an area up against inner walls or toward the middle of the room will always be warmer than a location by a window or the outer walls.

2. Select the Right Furniture

You need a cozy place to park for a few hours—and you definitely can’t do that in a hard backed chair at a table. This isn’t a study session! Choose your most comfy armchair or a well-loved couch as your go-to reading spot. Be sure to keep plenty of pillows on hand for those times when you need to adjust.

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3. Pile on The Blankets

Nothing says cozy like a heap of warm, comfy blankets just waiting to be plucked up and curled into. Place a stack of organic cotton and wool blankets or a hand-me-down quilt next to your designated reading spot for easy access. Keep them organized by using a large basket or bin to store them.

4. Find a Good Light

Select a lamp that emits soft, relaxing light for your reading space. You need a lamp that gives off enough light for reading, but doesn’t emit harsh, hospital-like light. Make sure to choose LED bulbs for maximum energy-efficiency. You could also light an eco-friendly candle or two, to create a relaxing ambiance.

5. Enjoy a Hot Drink

Finally, curl up with your favorite hot beverage in your freshly arranged reading spot. Choose a tasty organic hot tea or your favorite organic coffee. Or, treat yourself to a scrumptious hot chocolate. Snuggle in and escape. Happy reading!

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