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4 Fresh Ways to Use a Serving Tray

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Perhaps you own a serving tray that, except for the occasional party or breakfast in bed appearance, usually sees the inside of a cabinet most of the year. When not using that cute item on those one or two occasions, don’t shove it out of sight. You can easily vamp up your home décor with those pretty platters.

Serving trays often come in fun patterns, and in every shape and size. Whether you use quirky vintage versions or sustainable modern designs, you eco devotees, these four repurposing ideas using serving trays will have you wanting to serve up new décor all over your home.

1. Impromptu Bar

Having a get together? Give your guests some swanky service by constructing your own mini bar. All you need to achieve this chic look is a serving tray, your prettiest assortment of beer, wine and cocktail glasses, and cute liquor bottles or pre-prepared cocktails in pitchers. Stylishly arrange these components on your serving tray.

Complete the look with a few small vessels filled with cherries, olives and lemon wedges for garnishing. Finally, place your mini bar on an easily accessible side table. It might look so cute that you’ll want to leave it out for good.

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2. Chic Storage

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Dish up new storage for your jewelry by repurposing a small serving tray to hold your trinkets. Serving trays' short edges and shallow depth work well to locate that one elusive earring. And they look pretty showing off your jewels, too.

3. Organize This

Instead of letting mail and other everyday items pile up on counters or tables, make a serving tray your “Where do I put this?” catchall. Keep a tray near the front door for easy use. You could even place a few bowls, vintage tins or jars on the tray to categorize items. Keep mail in one, keys in another and other odds and ends in the rest.

4. Pretty Planter

When bringing your plants indoors for the winter, where do you put them? Does your living room or dining room tend to turn into an improvised (and messy) greenhouse? Display your plants using serving trays to tame the clutter and add decorative flair to the area. Your usual houseplants or herbs would also look darn cute displayed on an attractive tray and placed on a windowsill or side table.

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