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Now You Can Degrease Your Car the Green Way!


Keep your engine, driveway and tough oily cleaning jobs clean with my Green Car Cleaner Degreaser. Three of my green car care products are recognized for safer chemistry by the EPA's Designed for the Environment (DfE) program, and Laura Klein's Green Car Cleaner Degreaser is one of them!

My Green Car Cleaner Degreaser is an environmentally safe, non-polluting oil and grime fighter. Because it is water-based, it leaves no residue. It works equally well in soft, hard, cold, hot, fresh, or salt water, and is safe on plastics, most paints, metals, rubber, fabrics, leather, vinyl, and more. Nothing smelly or toxic to inhale -only 100% pure green goodness!

Ingredients: Purified water, proprietary nonionic surfactants, coconut-, pine-, & citrus-based resins, glucose-based sequestering agents

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From the Organic Authority Files

Price and Size: 128 fl. Oz/1 gallon; $25.24

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