11 Stunning Instagram Pics to Help You Celebrate Earth Day

We've collected amazing Instagram pics from around the world to celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day is upon us. While this day can elicit all sorts of feelings — happy feels about nature and sad feels about climate change — we all have to agree that it’s the perfect day for admiring the world.

To help you celebrate this wonderful day — even if you’re stuck at your desk — we’ve rounded up a beautiful selection of Instagram pics from talented users around the world.

Glorious landscapes

1. Rocks against a night sky

Instagram pics from Zion National Park at night are out of this world.

User erichanson has an amazing eye, and some top-notch time lapse skills. That’s probably because he’s a landscape and adventure photographer. This image was taken at West Temple in Zion National Park, Utah.

2. Rock formations

One of the Earth Day Instagram pics shows how beautiful red rocks can be.

Instagram user sophieeliana captures just how beautiful a red-sand desert can be. This picture was taken at Monument Valley, which is on the Arizona-Utah border.

3. Misty rainforest

Instagram pics of the rainforest are filled with mystery and beauty.

This gorgeous, misty rainforest shot was taken by aamirhatim in Puerto Rico. We love it because it’s not the typical rainforest shot we’re used to seeing.

Take a dip

4. Look at the stars

Instagram pics taken in the ocean are incredibly surreal.

Scubapro took this amazing shot of a scuba diver swimming with starfish near Bimini Island, Bahamas. This looks like a vacation of a lifetime.

5. Blissful swim

Instagram pics of the ocean and the sun are stunning visual representations of why the Earth is beautiful..

Who wouldn’t want to take a dip here? Windansea Beach is located on a stretch of coastline in La Jolla Beach, San Diego. This stunning image was taken by robinjpark. This artist’s work is impressive, so make sure to scroll through this account.

Here comes the sun

6. Sunrise

Beautiful Instagram pics for Earth Day, sunrise
Beautiful Instagram pics for Earth Day, sunrise

This gorgeous photo of a sunrise comes from Instagram user gencatandphotos. While the location of this sunrise is unknown, I think we all can safely say we adore the view. Check out her account to see other gorgeous outdoor shots.

7. Sunlit field

Beautiful Instagram pictures for Earth Day, field

This is probably because I’m a Kansas girl, but I think there’s little better than photos of sunlit fields. That’s why I find this photo from daria_zakharova so satisfying. Daria takes her photos from Russia.

8. Before dawn

Instagram pics, dawn

Sometimes the most glorious part of a sunrise is right before it happens. And that’s why we love drewylewy’s pre-sunrise capture at Winchester Bay, Oregon.

It’s all about the trees

9. Foggy forest

Instagram pics of foggy forests are captivating.

This gorgeous shot was taken by juusohd at Puijo in the city of Kuopio in Finland. We can see why people love to visit this spot. Juusohd is a photographer and digital artist and his account is filled with amazing images.

10. Green on green

All sorts of interesting things reside on trees — just take a look at this amazing lichen captured by newtrinity in Germany. This photo is a great reminder that beautiful things are everywhere… You just have to look.

11. Cactus flower

This breathtaking cactus flower is blooming in our editor @jill_ettinger‘s yard in sunny Los Angeles right now. Just another little reminder that the magnificence of nature is all around us, and too often taken for granted.

If you are on Instagram and love taking photos of our big, beautiful world, comment with a link to your account so we can see your Instagram pics. We’d love to see how you’re celebrating Earth Day.

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Image of beautiful forest via Shutterstock