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14 Feline-Approved Ways to Celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day

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Celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day with these feline approved ways.

Earlier this year, the science world dropped the bombshell that dogs don’t actually like hugs. According to a recent study, it might actually stress them out. This is just another example why cats and the people who love them are superior beings -- especially because we already knew our cats hated hugs. We can also claim the most ironic holiday to celebrate just how much we love our cats and how much they hate our hugs--National Hug Your Cat Day.

Most cat owners know that we are lucky to get in a nice cuddle, let alone a hug, but if you “cat” just right you may be able to steal a quick squeeze without any lasting adverse effects like shredded curtains, presents of dead small rodents, or cat vomit on your bed.

Learn to love your cat even more with these fun and furry hug-free ways to celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day with your furry family members.

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14 Ways to Celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day That Your Cat Will Love

  1. Leash train your cat - Leash training isn’t only for dogs, but instead can offer a safer way for your cat to experience the outdoors.
  2. Catify your space - While your home may be your castle; it’s also your cat's home too. Make sure that you provide your cat with spaces she can call her own with access to points up high as well as spaces to retreat to when your cat gets anxious.
  3. DIY up a catio - If you have space and the talent, DIY up a catio so your cats can experience the outdoors without the dangers of outside.
  4. Adopt a black cat - While your eye may gravitate towards the more colorful and intricately patterned cats at the shelter, consider adopting a black cat instead. They make just as lovely a companion and are less likely to be adopted.
  5. Be a foster parent - If you have the time, patience and space, consider being a kitty foster parent. Of course, you should only undertake this responsibility if your cat is super chill and gets along with other cats.
  6. Make a t-shirt tent - Turn an old t-shirt and a wire hanger into a cat cave for your furry friend.
  7. Hide treats to make your cat go wild - Cats are natural hunters, so make a game of feeding time by hiding their treats to satisfy that natural hunting urge.
  8. Donate to your local cat rescue - Local cat rescue shelters are always in need of donations, whether in the way of food and litter donations or monetary donations. Do your part to help all cats find their forever homes.
  9. Volunteer at a local cat shelter - By the same token, volunteer your time to a cat shelter to do your part. You will win cat karma points.
  10. Keep your cats indoors - While you may think it is ideal for your cat to let them outdoors, consider keeping your cat inside. There are a lot of dangers outside to your cat--predators, illness, access to poisons, altercations with other cats--and cats can pose a threat to wildlife as well.
  11. See if your cat likes this music - Did you know there is music specially composed for feline enjoyment? Give it a try and see if your cats like it.
  12. DIY up some toys for your cats - Cats love to play. It taps into their internal hunter, it helps to keep them stimulated, and it’s a great way to help them from becoming overweight. Make up some of these fun DIY toys for kitty and make his day.
  13. Make a box maze - It is official--cats love boxes. Forget those expensive cat perches, climbers, and what have you, and build a box maze for your cat instead.
  14. Work to build trust with your cat - Building a meaningful relationship with a cat is about building trust. Avoid yelling at your cat (he won’t understand anyway), picking your cat up if she clearly doesn’t like it, rubbing their bellies unless they clearly give permission to do so. Your cat shows love and affection through trust.

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