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Sustainable and Chic Garb for Gardeners


Gardening season is almost upon us, so why not prep your wardrobe for it just as you prep the soil? Check out our favorite sustainable and chic garb for gardeners that are comfortable, efficient and flattering, and step into the garden with style.

1. Avant Gardener Organic T-Shirt by blacksheepheap

This punny t-shirt is perfect for the witty gardener, and its lovely white color will be perfect for showing off dirt stains. It's made from 100 percent organic cotton and packaged in handmade recycled grocery bag paper sleeve and then even shipped in a salvaged discarded envelope!


2. Women's Overalls by Garden Girl

These super cute and functional overalls are made from upcycled fabrics and provide the perfect cover up when you know your gardening is going to be on the muddier side. Designed with side stretch panels, adjustable ankle straps, double stitched seams and plenty of pockets, these are the perfect garment for the active and enthusiastic gardener.


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3. Shiny Tall Rainboots by Chooka

What gardener's wardrobe (or outdoor closet) would be complete without a pair of rainboots? These colorful ones from Chooka are made from sustainable rubber and are available in blue, purple, green, red or black. We love the trendy double buckle detail!

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4. Leather Gauntlet Gardening Gloves by Duluth Trading Co.

These leather gardening gloves are just the ticket for anything from carting around a wheelbarrow to pulling thorny vines or digging into comport. The gauntlets protect your wrists and the durable stitching will make these last forever - just make sure your dog doesn't get a hold of them.


5. Women's Stretch All-Wear Shorts by Patagonia

In anticipation of the warmer weather we added these organic cotton shorts to the list. The fit on these is perfect for weeding, raking, hoeing and pretty much any kind of physical activity, and they're short enough to let your work on tanning your legs. Choose from 5 cute patterns and colors!


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