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Decorate New Ways: Sustainable Christmas Tree Alternatives

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I decorate my apartment for every holiday. And while I love all my nerdy, holiday decorations, my Christmas tree and holiday ornaments are my favorites. But not everyone likes to hang ornaments on a traditional Christmas trees, and I get that – both live and artificial Christmas trees are not perfectly sustainable.

However, a less-than-conventional Christmas tree (aka a DIY “tree” made out of various knick-knacks) is quite sustainable, as are other various, creative, ornament displays. So, get inventive and start building one of these Christmas tree alternatives to display your ornaments because December the 25th is quickly approaching.

Alternative Christmas trees

Branch tree: Collect a handful of sturdy branches of various lengths. Hot glue tacks to the back of the branches and secure them to a wall. Surround the branches with a few strands of lights, and apply holiday ornament decorations and a “tree topper.”

Ornament tree: Simply hang your beloved ornaments on a wall. Hang them in the shape of a tree to create a delightful, festive display.

Wooden tree: This one’s for the crafty and handy. Build up a wooden tree with wooden-rod branches. Hang ornaments and lights as you would on a traditional Christmas tree.

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Strung up ornaments

Adorned ceilings: Hang Christmas ornaments from removable hooks that adhere to the ceiling. Surround the decorated room with holiday lights to catch the ornaments' sparkles.

Ribbon display: String up bright, red and green ribbons and poke ornament hooks through the ribbon. Hang ornaments from the hooks. Wrap lights around the ribbon for an extra, festive, and literal, twist.

Other ornament displays

Ornament tower, or vase: Stack similarly colored ornaments together in a sturdy, festive plate tower. The tiered presentation allows for exceptional viewing. If you would rather stack ornaments in a contained space: delicately place ornaments on top of each other in a wide-necked, glass vase.


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