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Growing Tomatoes Just Got Weird: Introducing The TomTato

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Growing tomatoes will never be the same. Say hello to the TomTato plant. Launched last week by Thompson & Morgan after a decade in the making, the TomTato produces both tomatoes and potatoes – perfect for the gardener who's growing tomatoes in limited space). What's also intriguing is how versatile this tomato-potato plant is: you can grow it inside or outside, in a vegetable patch or patio pot.

According to Thompson & Morgan's product development manager Michael Perry, you may as well throw out the growing and aftercare instructions – that's how easy this plant is to grow.

While it looks like a science experiment gone awry, the TomTato plant is notgenetically modified. It's created with an all-natural technique called "grafting," which splices a piece of one plant species into the stem of another. Much like how a broken bone heals, the two plants are cleanly cut and taped until they eventually fuse together (and since tomatoes are members of the potato family, they're naturally compatible).

Above ground, you'll be growing tomatoes, and below up to white potatoes. The tomato-potato plant lasts for one season, and both vegetables are ready to be picked and dug up at the same time. 

Even though this is the first time a plant growing tomatoes and potatoes has been created successfully for commercial sale, the BBC reports that another tomato-potato plant is now available in New Zealand. It's called the Potato Tom... which sounds more like the name of a country singer.

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From the Organic Authority Files

The TomTato plant is currently available for order in the U.K. only, to be delivered in May 2014. What are they planning to pair up next? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

To learn more about the TomTato plant, check out the video below:

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Image: Thompson & Morgan

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