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Top Tools for Your Home and Garden to Keep Your Sanctuary Zen

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If you've been loving spending a few extra hours of sunlight in your summer garden, you're not alone. We love using our gardens as a summer spot of refuge, and we especially love trying out new toys. Whether for keeping your garden fresh and lush or to make sure your home doesn't suffer too much from the dust and dirt of summer, we've highlighted our favorite home and garden tools for the season.

Planting and Pruning

There are some tools you just rely on year after year, so be sure you're picking the right ones for the task.

We love the Garden Gurutrowel, with its comfortable and easy-to-use ergonomic handle. Garden Guru has so much faith in this tool, the company offers a lifetime guarantee -- and that holds true for its other products as well.

Take, for example, their trimmer. This easy-to-maintain flower snip is perfect for trimming plants and cutting flowers, and it's super simple to use. For heftier pruning, their pruning shears offer a heavy-duty precision blade, to keep you from wrestling with branches.

Japanese Garden Inspiration

japanese garden

Japanese garden image via Shutterstock

Take a bit of inspiration from the Japanese style of gardening with these tools.

This hori-hori knife is made in the traditional Japanese style, with one flat and one serrated edge. The multi-use knife comes with its own nylon sheath and is sure to become your new gardening best friend.

We also love the Japanese style of Bokashi composting, which ferments waste forcing it to break down more easily and with less smell. This bokashi kit is a great way to get started.

The Modern Gardener

Some garden tools are classics; they've stayed the same for decades, and for good reason: they work. Some, however, were well overdue for a makeover.

The Handiggertrowel is one of them. This new approach to the classic trowel is easier to handle, even for those with hand or joint pain. We love that it's easy to clean and never rusts, so you can use it year after year.

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From the Organic Authority Files

For modern gardeners who lack a whole lot of space, the Divi Shovel 4 in 1 is positively perfect. This diverse outdoor shovel comes with four different attachments -- 2 shovels, a hoe and a broom -- and is lightweight and easy to carry and assemble.

There's no tool too small if it's the right one, and gardeners with glasses know that lens cloths can be the difference between an enjoyable afternoon and a headache. Keep your glasses clean and clear with this pack of 5 lens cloths from Zabada.

Cleaning Up

One of the major downfalls of spending time in the garden is that you end up quite a mess, and that can include your house. Combine that with sand from the beach and dust from biking, and your indoor sanctuary can soon turn into a burden. Luckily, we have some tools for that as well.


Dusting image via Shutterstock

Zabada manufactures quite a few different cleaning products that we love, including a dust glove that will replace all of your disposable dusting tools. The dust glove holds dust but also heavy dust and hair, making it a great multi-purpose cleaner. And because it lasts 2 to 3 years, it's the much more sustainable choice than many other dusters.

For surfaces that need to shine, the dust marvel is a great choice. Its no-smear technology means that even fine dust on glass surfaces won't leave a mark. And choose Zabada's bamboo towel to make washing the dishes after your al fresco dinners in your zen garden a breeze.

Looking Towards Fall

Even though it feels like the oppressive summer heat may never end, it might be time to start thinking about fall. For instance, Releaf Scoops has created multipurpose hand-held rakes that will make clearing out dead leaves and foliage a breeze.

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